Elite by Goetzenzar
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#4   15 Jan 2021
worth mentioning, both levels have support for ctf. the ctfs are asymmetrical with two outer atriums forming the bases and the middle atrium functioning as the middle ground. 2v2 can be a hectic, but this ideal for those looking for a 1v1 ctf. complicated enough to allow several routes, and some cat and mouse, but simple enough to find your opponent and recover or capture a flag. they also work as 3 player ffa but work best as 1 v 1. Would have liked more thought though to the item placements for each gametype. the central YA could have been replaced by a MH (or even the quad) set into the interior of the alcove, and a ya could have even been swapped out for a red in tourney. the quad could even have perhaps been left in for the ffa and not just restricted to the ctf. I've rounded my score up on this, just because of its versatility, but tailored item placement could have made this better. I'm gonna keep it on standby in case the "customisable items" mod ever gets off the ground. great suggestion btw ;)
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SiCdeth unregistered
#3   03 Jun 2000
um... theyre ok, i guess?


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[kona] unregistered
#2   02 Jun 2000
didn't play, just looked (gotta look at all ikbase levels) and i thought it look pretty nice. keep it up.
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rockN79 unregistered
#1   02 Jun 2000
Elite2 is definatly the one to go for. It's fun and some cool grenade launcher action. But, ugh, it's simply 3 boxes connected with each other and no curves were used. But pretty good gameplay for a three-box map. Looking foward to a not-so-simple map from you...
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