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I N F O R M A T I O N Title: Elite Only ! and Elite 2 Date of release: 21 March 2000 Files: /maps/elite.bsp /maps/elite.aas /maps/elite2.bsp /maps/elite2.aas /scripts/elite.arena /scripts/elite.shader /levelshots/elite.jpg /textures/elite/ik*.jpg elite.txt Author: Goetzenzar Email: **email removed** Homepage: Freestyle Quake freestyle.splatterworld.de (hopefully gets updated in the next century) Description: 2 Quake 3 Deathmatch Level made for 1on1 Added also Quad/Flags for other Modes (Ffa;Team;Ctf also possible) The kmlamps.md3 are nonfunctional, no light.. maybe bug in the new q3map version ? Other maps by author: none, this is my first officially released map :) Base: New level from scratch Editors used: Q3Radiant build 197 Textures: Ikbase textures made by Iikka Keranen Known Bugs: None Compile machine: Athlon 500 I N S T R U C T I O N S You have to: 1 Place elite.pk3 into ..quake3/baseq3 directory 2 Run Quake 3 3 In Quake at the console type /map elite or /map elite2 4 Play the map.. 5 Exit the game. 6 Launch your mail program. 7 Write comments to **email removed** What are you waiting for? Launch Q3 now! C R E D I T S T O id software for Quake1/2/3 and for Q3Radiant www.idsoftware.com Iikka Keranen for the ikbase textures www.planetquake.com/ikq Members of the Blacklegion for Beta-testing www.blacklegion.de Clan Spirit of Darkness for the Server support www.spirit-of-darkness.de L E G A L S T U F F This BSP may be distributed ONLY via the Internet and/or BBS systems. You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in any way without my permission. And don't remove this .txt file from the .zip or .pk3 archive!
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