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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#36   20 Mar 2012
A very dark, mysterious map with lots of carnage, I like that :). 8/10
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Sic unregistered
#35   12 Dec 2000
Amazing - The best map I've played in terms of looks, layout and atmosphere. At my LAN, a week w/o ReLoAdEr is a week w/o q3.
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Tyre unregistered
#34   11 Jun 2000
Liked the rain.

As commented below, the map's too dark at present. You know it's too dark when you have trouble finding your way around. There's way too much stuff. And please, don't put weapons (the GL here) in doorways.

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WaSp unregistered
#33   31 May 2000 thoughts exactly :-)

re:bobzie monte sum..whatever......I couldnt agree more :-)

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RedFive unregistered
#32   30 May 2000
It looks alright, but doesn't play as well as it looks. So the ceiling leaks and water floods the floor. I say hire a roof guy and mop up the deck ensign !!! A 5, 'cuz the water slows down everything and I hate slowness.
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Bobzie Monte Surimaio unregistered
#31   29 May 2000
bla bla bla bla... if it's a beta map, it shouldn't be there !
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Niptlar unregistered
#30   27 May 2000
I wouldn't say the map blows, but it could use a lot of work in the item placement department, and WaSp recognizes this problem. All we can really do now is wait.
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Not entered is gay unregistered
#29   27 May 2000
Great map
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not entered unregistered
#28   27 May 2000
I did just that, WaSp. The map blows.
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Delitzsch unregistered
#27   27 May 2000
Awesome atmosphere, great design. Plays well, though you do run for the top. Understand it is BETA, WaSp, but it still rocks. Easily a 9.
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Slyko unregistered
#26   27 May 2000
This is very Funny! Hehehehe!
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CoReUpPeD unregistered
#25   26 May 2000
This is one of the best maps i have ever downloaded from this place. Short download (Gotta love those short downloads cuz i got me a 28.8 modem damn it i need a cable modem)
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FaT unregistered
#24   26 May 2000
Smaller than a meg, Atmospheric and High Quality. This is the way a map should be. Not files of 4+ megs. GOOD MAP!!!
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WaSp unregistered
#23   26 May 2000
You may as well leave it up tig.....I think my "look I got rain n stuff " suprise is blown :-p

I will rename the new one like you harm done :-)

And Hubster....BITE ME :-)

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Rio unregistered
#22   25 May 2000
If I didn't know better, I'd say that "not entered" was showing off.....

Anyway, Good map!

I like atmospheric ones...

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pottymouth unregistered
#21   25 May 2000
yeah, sure. Good, no. Bad, yes
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The Hubster unregistered
#20   25 May 2000
BAH! Ignore him Tig, he's loving this:P

Good on you Waspy, the world's lookin' good for you bud:-)))

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#19   25 May 2000
ummm... I though you wanted it up because you where re-doing it for something... missed read the email I guess :[

I can remove the level, or just leave it now - your choice WaSp, however I highly suggest that the new version gets a new (or modifyed) name and file extension.

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WaSp unregistered
#18   25 May 2000
OK....everybody who d/l this map...could you plz do the following.....put in in the recycle bin and press delete :-)

I actually asked post this map....the reasons are ...2 invalid can actually run into 2 curves....and the item placement sucks ass in a big way.

I really appreciate the comments guys...and I suppose it cant hurt ppl getting it now....but plz regard this map as a BETA...Ignore the readme.txt......the new draft has many changes...a few more rooms, and has way less items........I will send the new one to tig soon as its done....I really have no excuse as to why I sent this map in...lets just put it down to a "bizzare formatting incident" :-)

Once again..thanx for the encouragement :-)

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pUq3 unregistered
#17   24 May 2000
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Spazz unregistered
#16   24 May 2000
WTF was that? are you like sucking your own dick about your system?
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not entered unregistered
#15   24 May 2000
Runs nice on my PIII 866 w/ 256MB RDRAM and a 64MB DDR geFORCE 256... very nice indeed...
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Dutch unregistered
#14   24 May 2000
I like this map . The first time I played it I used the zappy mod with a custom bot on hardcore 1vs1 .Fun with a great atmosphere.
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BigFrickinGun unregistered
#13   24 May 2000
This map is cool.
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Lord Stephen Stonecorner unregistered
#12   24 May 2000
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Steinecke unregistered
#11   24 May 2000
I fully agree with this genius -Quadaffi!
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Quadaffi unregistered
#10   24 May 2000
Don't understand you lamers. Just go upstairs and fight for the items. The way items are placed makes the bots a real challenge on this map.
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SiC-deth unregistered
#9   23 May 2000
i liked it, i thought that the whole look and feel of it was very nice, but it was way too dark in some places. and talk about a shit load of armor on the top, u go from the rocket launcher across to the YA into the next room with the RA plus 4 shards then into that winding corridor going towards the MH that has like 6 shards then 4 shards right by the MH then drop down onto another YA, i mean what the hell is up with that.

i did like the walls with the curves at the bottom giving them a J kinda shape.. that was different. i also liked the stairs by the lower RL ive never seen them done that way before.

i was curious, i can do a strafe jump easily over the hole on the top floor in the RA room, but i was wondering if anyone could get over the hole in the RL, YA room. just wonderin.

good map, i liked it, but i thought that the freakin armor could have been toned down, but hey no map is perfect (unfortunately) <:0(


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Niptlar unregistered
#8   23 May 2000
Why should the bots want the MH of q3tourney6? They can kill you more quickly if they just rail you continuously. Of course I haven't beaten that level on Hardcore, so I don't frankly know that item's significance against Xaero. To me it's just rail bait.

I see where Tig & Dog are coming from. There is a YA, a RA, and a MH on the top floor on the top floor, and just a YA on the bottom. As you can tell, the walls near the lower YA have items that are only easy to get if you enter the hallway on one side and make a tricky jump onto one of them. What makes the top floor so horrible is the fact that you can go from 50 health, no armor, and no rockets, to roughly full health and armor with a Rocket Launcher and 20 rockets in about 15 seconds w/o an RJ. This makes dominating the level from the top floor quite easy. The next problem is that is a shitload of items. This is level is too small to really need all of them, and some of the smaller items could have afforded to been replace by a smaller number of larger items.

I'll don't really care how atmospheric a level is if the item placement is messed up, but at least it took me a full 15 seconds to make the health+armor+rocket run.

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Steinecke unregistered
#7   23 May 2000
I agree. Uriel, in a level he is the predefined tourney-opponent... -he is not interested in the quad: Guess what? It is an ID-map!
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KnetterGek unregistered
#6   23 May 2000
's not bad, eh?

my bots have trouble with the MH too, but then they wont get the rail on q3dm6 or the MH on q3tourney6... I think it's IDs fault.

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SiC-deth unregistered
#5   23 May 2000
hehehehe i love good maps with small downloads...comments to come shortly...
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Steinecke unregistered
#4   23 May 2000
Great map. And botplay is excellent - except the bots unability to get the megahealth.
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DoMiNiQuE unregistered
#3   23 May 2000
huh, cooL!...
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pUq3 unregistered
#2   23 May 2000
WaSP, nice work!

Do you have an homepage?

I like to see more of your work..

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ShoveL unregistered
#1   23 May 2000
Top Stuff WaSp!

I see this is what Kublai ended up being? :)

I've given it a 9!

I think the item/weap placement could have been tweaked a bit more, but other than that it's an excellent layout and has a nice consistant look, and you've managed to use the rain shader effect to good use! I love the broken tiles and walls too!


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