by WaSp
MAP for Quake 3 arena. may 6th 2000 WaSp

Author: WaSp
filename. reloader.pk3
Map: reloader.bsp
Files: reloader.bsp
Installation: Unzip this into /baseq3 folder
Go to arena menu/its in there somewhere :-) or type "map reloader" in the console ,if you are taken back to the main menu and the map wont load put this command in your config file or type it in the console seta sv_pure "0".

email: **email removed**

Details: 2-6 player tourney ffa team map.

credits: Id software for making a great game/games.
Lunarun...thanx for the help :-) rock man.....nuff said :-)
Everybody who liked Genghis


Single Player : Bots
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : Yes
Team Deathmatch : yes
# of Players : 2-4
Difficulty Settings : Bots
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : yes
New Music : N0

Editor used: Q3Radiant

previous maps : TANTRUM ,GENGHIS_KHAN

2 rocketlauncher
2 shottys
1 rail
1 plasmagun
1 grenadelauncher
This is a small map.
ppl have been giving me a hard time about the size of my maps so I figured what the hell ,I will try and make a small one :-)
This map has undergone some HUGE changes,but I am quite happy with this turned out pretty good considering.
A really good duel map ,and the speed is quite fast....anyways.....I will leave it up to you guys to judge ,I am gonna go play some "need for speed" :-)

WaSp :-)

additional comments : My cat eats mashed potato.