Life Functions Critical
Life Functions Critical by Dilvish
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Takkie Rep. 1778
#7   03 Feb 2015
I enjoyed this one with just a few bots (2 or 3).
The map looks good and it has a nice gameflow.
Perhaps the bots could have get some more attention from the mapper.
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#6   11 Aug 2000
FUN - but don't put too many players/bots, or it gets too crowded really fast. I recommend 3-4 in total, then it's fun all the way.


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Gila unregistered
#5   25 May 2000
pretty neat
a bit tight in some areas
too much jumppads
overall 7
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SiC-deth unregistered
#4   23 May 2000
whats up with the 2 RLs i think the SG should be a RL and the RLs be 2 SGs.

havent played with bots yet, but it looks good, the first gothis styled space map ive seen yet (dont know if there are any others, LvL is my only resource for custom maps)

not gonna score it till i play with bots

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OozE unregistered
#3   23 May 2000
yeah, i guess u can't overlook the significance of having a map with good bot play. It's prolly the only way most people will play the map...realistically. Anyway, i thought the map was alot of fun; looks great, but beat the bots like 10 to -1 and -6...come on!

Also, the run from tech to tech is a bit ridiculous. What were u thinking there? U can go from regen to quad to haste, theoretically. That's a bit st00pid. I'm a tourney player when it comes to custom maps, so this one prolly won't last. I do like the graphics, the tele's, and the's well done. I guess I'm a bit divided over this one. I'll give it a 7.

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KnetterGek unregistered
#2   23 May 2000
GOOD multiplayer romp on a 3 man LAN.

BAD botplay on ANYTHING... they have absolutely nothing to hide behind, there's nowhere for them to snipe from, and the teleporters are not their favorite transportation method.

next time, jumppads would be a better idea, especially on a map this open. bots DO like jumppads. (check out q3dm17 for a demonstration.)

2 for bots, 8 for people, 5 avg.

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Steinecke unregistered
#1   23 May 2000
Those (really beautful) poser-teleporters ruin bot-play, 'cause bots totally refuse using them. Besede this important thing the map is well-made and has atmosphere. So it is a 4.
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