HeadsAb! by DrWildPet
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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#7   11 Jan 2012
Try experiment with other wall textures instead of using the same. Then the map would look good. 5/10.
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topo unregistered
#6   13 Dec 2000
this is a great alternative to large strategic ctf games. action packed like a deathmatch, it works great with 6-8 people, but also can work as a 1v1 and i can't think of another ctf level that can do that. great item placement. very different and fun level.
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Redhotwheels unregistered
#5   28 Jul 2000
Yes the bot AI is terrible. There's nothing special or different about this map other than the fact that it can turn into a total rail-fest.

Not sure if the portal from the ground to the flag makes much sense....

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Otagra unregistered
#4   30 May 2000
Love it or hate it....

...but playin 3vs3 or 4vs4 on this map is damn fast and quite funny.

Bot AI sucks, no doubt about it. But for sure, this map will fill and rule any LAN Party break by its weird design.

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[DIS]Patrick unregistered
#3   29 May 2000
OK, this is not a map You play 24/7...but it's very funny 'interlude'. Never played it with bots (Hmm..doesn't make fun anyway for me)...but a 3on3 is pure fun !

...and there's no better place to practice Your rail skills than this map ;)

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DBD unregistered
#2   28 May 2000
I notice that too, bots never take the flags. Anyway, a one room map is a strange idea for CTF, mostly a sample box, very basic play. Gave it a 1.
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Steinecke unregistered
#1   28 May 2000
The main idea is interesting... brings a litte jump & run. But it looks ugly 'til you drop. And the bots NEVER go to score. They don't even try to capture enemy flag, if you have removed the enemy team. Too me: a 3.
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