Revelation by Darren Lafreniere
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2553
#50   05 Feb 2021
Map looks decent for its time, but being symmetrical pretty much kills it for me in my opinion. Some architectural/layout differences on one side to break the symmetry would go a long way towards a more interesting and engaging experience.
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Takkie Rep. 1788
#49   03 Feb 2021
Great map, I agree with the 4 bots for a wonderful fragfest comment by FragTastic. It is well build, feels solid, good lighting (nothing bland). The circular flow and openness of the level makes sure you will never have to search for an opponent. You just need to figure out what target is best and if you hesitate... well you're fragged.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#48   20 Jul 2019
the atmosphere here is amazing! a grenade launcher at the bottom would have been a nice touch though.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#47   23 Jul 2012
The name is cool, but IMO it doesn't fit the map much. The map has some really nice architecture for its time.
Edited 932.17 days after the original posting.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#46   22 Jul 2012
My God! This map is legendary. It reaches every bar of high standard to what is needed to make a legendary map and it is very popular. Playing with 4 bots is absolutely wonderful. The amount of chaos that is caused with just 4 bots is unpredictable. 9.5/10 :)
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Yonito_Arg unregistered
#45   27 Sep 2009
Wow, i love this map, i'm playing with my friends 1v1 all the time
I w8 for a "pro-q3rev" ^^
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Anonymous unregistered
#44   11 May 2008
fun little map, still play it
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Anonymous unregistered
#43   25 Nov 2006
this map makes me fall asleep
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not entered unregistered
#42   04 Oct 2000
good for games
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Chubbz unregistered
#41   15 Jun 2000
Q3REV has the feel of a true id map.....This map OWNS for 1vs1.

It's a new favorite in the South Florida LANing community.

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RiO unregistered
#40   11 Jun 2000
Or (advert) you could make the .arena file with ArenaMaster, avaliable from

I find it amazing that the 25th map reviewed by ..::LvL is still in the top ten... and deservedly, as well.

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not entered unregistered
#39   07 Jun 2000
Beautiful level but the gameplay is average at best.
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Steinecke unregistered
#38   02 Jun 2000
This map does not appear in the map-menue, 'cause the arena-file is missing:

======windows only======
Copy this to a texteditor):

map "q3rev"
longname "Revelation"
bots "uriel"
type "ffa tourney"

You can add or replace maps.

File needs to be named <your name>.arena and to be saved to a folder c:/scripts; zip up folder with directory structure as <yourname>.zip; change extension to .pk3

(This is a condensed version of LvL's script, which can be found here: )

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overdog unregistered
#37   31 May 2000
pretty avarage map.

I kinda wish he would have followed through and done a .arena file so you could have selected the level from the interface.

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justNsync unregistered
#36   31 May 2000
Ah, are you guys joking? this map is ok but it is far from being a great map. There are tons of other maps on LVL that desearve more praise than this map.

Lighting stinks.
Very very small map.
Lots of places to get caught on.
Poor weapon placement.

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RiO unregistered
#35   31 May 2000
Little short of Genius. I know small countries where it is illegal not to have this map on your system.

Get it now!

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Bulldog unregistered
#34   03 May 2000
nice map m8,

you have created just wot you set out to do.

good flowing gameplay a well executed map.

Defo download.

well done m8

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Adroit unregistered
#33   03 Mar 2000
Great tourney map... reminds me of this sweet ass egyption - style map for quake 1...
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DR.Grennthumb unregistered
#32   24 Feb 2000
Yoh Man,

this map is sooooooooo Fantastic. check it out!!!!!

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U4ik unregistered
#31   23 Feb 2000
Where art thou BFG? This a pretty good 5-player Dm. Jump pads r good, but i would have made the BFG in a hard to reach place. 7
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Manson unregistered
#30   13 Feb 2000
good map blah blah blah yap yap

christ shambler if you don't like q3 then why the hell would you ever d/l a map...
besides what the heck q3 RULES ASS!

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Sundown unregistered
#29   12 Feb 2000
Architecture-wise, this beast is buff. But I felt like a tub a 'goo runnin' up the stairs in the central area--not an FPS thing, just that the stair planks feel a bit too deep..and that means I wear a bullseye on the back of my skull a bit too long when climbing 'em.
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Kurupt unregistered
#28   01 Feb 2000
Another map i'm willing to try. Looks nice from the SS. We will see. :)

-Kurupt (The Rail Whore)

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rodik unregistered
#27   23 Jan 2000
quite good, but the main room's really a framerate killer.
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#26   19 Jan 2000
Very realistic(on a good card)great lighting and all that other sh!t...great item placement architecture,texture use,colors and overall feel......In conclusion,if you don't want to download or like this map,u are an alien!!!
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Quincy unregistered
#25   16 Jan 2000
I love playing this map 1on1 against a bot !! dis Map rockz !!

It also has a great design.

Of course its very small and simpel, but hey, thats cool :))

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Boogieman unregistered
#24   11 Jan 2000
This level is a yawner after a minute of play.
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sinc unregistered
#23   06 Jan 2000
this level rocks and darren is one cool ass dude.

we love you darren!!!!

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Duke RAR unregistered
#22   06 Jan 2000
a fast-paced level that won't leave you a microsecond of respite. i liked the layout - simple, effective, and really difficult to master. it is possible on this level to know at all times where your opponents are, but it takes a lot of skill to frag them. i played it with two to four bots - two is the maximum (i.e. three players) for any kind of balanced gameplay, however.

all in all, a very nice map for target practice, but it doesn't provide the background for tactical gameplay.

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Patridiot unregistered
#21   05 Jan 2000
This map instantly reminded me on a 1 on 1 Rocket Arena 2 map. I found the gameplayto be very fluid and that the level really taxes all of the players important skills. Aim (for example, you NEED to be able to use the rail gun, and uneven ground makes rocket aim require more of the player), strategy, and the ability to know where an opponent is at all times are all mandatory to success, while shallow skills like simply knowing the map's

layout better than your opponent are eliminated by the levels relative simple design. Great weapon placement too. At one end of the map, the upper half, you feel exposed in the large open rooms, while at the other end, where the rocket launcher is you have the lower ground, which you don't want. At the same time, you want the upper ground with the rocket launcher and the lower ground with the rail so the players naturally don't simply

camp at the ends shooting across the map. They need each other's weapons. Health placement also helps to keep the gameplay fast. Unpredictable play, fast and beautiful, I really like this map.

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Scampie unregistered
#20   05 Jan 2000
framerate drops too low it this map to be worth playing
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0xide unregistered
#19   05 Jan 2000
Absolutely stunning looks on this map, too bad the gameplay isn't up to par; it's useless as a tourney map. Shame =(
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Rocket Racer unregistered
#18   05 Jan 2000
Gorgeous design. Gorgeous. But after five minutes with the bots, it just wasn't fun enough to keep playing. This is because the wide open, symmetrical layout leaves almost nothing to the imagination, hence no suspense, no hunt. If I can see my opponents or know where they are headed nearly all the time, I might as well be playing them in a box. Still, it's such a work of art that with some more challenging layout ideas, Lafreniere obviously is going to kick some map making ass.
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DeMon{gX} unregistered
#17   05 Jan 2000
not bad, it is still missing that quality factor demonstrated in the id maps. I dont know what the big deal is over symetrical maps, i think it makes it easier to learn a level if it is symetrical but i this case the level is so small the symetrical thing really doesnt work to its advantage. IMHO the author overused the curves. nice try, keep at it!
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Dr Qube unregistered
#16   05 Jan 2000
Ah well, after all this positive feedback how about a little negative reaction... sure it's a nice level... I don't think Darren could have used any more curves... a think a little more variation would have helped... especially in the texture/colour department. ok so the level's mirrored... dm1/tourney2/dm17 .... that's not too much of a problem but... lets face it this is really just one room any more than 2 players and the whole thing falls appart.

Good Night.

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phen unregistered
#15   05 Jan 2000
It is great lighting and modelling and the flow is good to play but it is pretty chuggy in the main room.

Curiously the author seems to have designed it as two seperate rooms with lots of correct, vis blocking corridors and then as a final adjustment taken out the dividing wall and killed the framerate. Surely the teleporter connects the two rooms directly already?

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Triga -mappa unregistered
#14   05 Jan 2000
Yep, i like it. Too bad its a mirrored lvl.Nice artchitecture and a well designed lvl.
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Valgrim unregistered
#13   05 Jan 2000
This map has great architecture and flow. Upon touring I thought it was a bit too open but after loading up a bot and playing for awhile I found that there is a balance of cover that creates a certain tension. The textures and lighting are a bit muddled but you hardly have time to notice as you are constantly scoping for the enemy :) I wouldn't suggest any more than 4 people or you have a sloppy fragfest on your hands. A highly addictive map. Great job!
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Hammer unregistered
#12   05 Jan 2000
Great map, the perfect choice for a DM with no more than 3 players.

Nice use of curved structures and ambient sounds. Immersive

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#11   04 Jan 2000
Lenny - It was an ad, plan and simple. However you are more than welcomed to email me the information, the turn around is about 2-3 days atm

Anyway, I already have a copy of the level you advertised, and it should be up soon.

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Stale Lenny unregistered
#10   04 Jan 2000
Advertise? I downloaded a sweet map and figured players like me who downloaded Revelation might also like another map by a different level maker. Is that a crime?

Thanks and many happy frags to all of you. If anyone didn't like me expressing my opinion on a cool map link I found then I won't return here anytime soon.

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Onimusha unregistered
#9   04 Jan 2000
Beutiful and plays great 1 on 1!

I love it!!

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#8   04 Jan 2000
This is not a place to advertise. So I've removed a post made by Lenny which was nothing more than an ad.

Any other ad's will be removed just as quick.

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kenny unregistered
#7   04 Jan 2000
Why do u hate me???

It's a very good map indeed!
Fun and fast

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the immortal Corky unregistered
#6   04 Jan 2000
Having played the shit out of this map, I can safely say it's the best 1on1 map out there currently. If you're running a tournament of any sorts, please use this. It's extremely well balanced, showing how much thought and testing went into the placement and inclusion of all the weapons. Do yourself a favor, download it, fire q3a up with xaero or klesk and give it a shot.

extraordinary well done mr lafrenyaire.

i hate you kenny.

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pulin unregistered
#5   04 Jan 2000
Quality level, quite possibly the best 1 on 1 map Ive played since Doom2's classic Death666
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Fingers unregistered
#4   04 Jan 2000
Hey now... If we were using Q3A engine here at Looking Glass, do you think we'd be releasing free DM levels for you guys? ;-)
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Shambler unregistered
#3   04 Jan 2000
Downloaded this one just to see what good Q3A levels were like.

Jolly nice level, well designed and laid out.
Good points:
> Great 3D layout, much better than Id's piss poor tourney maps.
> Solid item and weapon balance.
> Nice architecture - the tall hallways by each SSG are great.
> Very pleasant, rich lighting.
> Some good texture choices, e.g. brick pillars.

Bad points:
> Symmetrical, snore.
> Slowdown when moving around the PG area, looking towards the main atrium.
> Needed a stronger, more consistent theme - texture combinations a bit vague.
> Gameplay sucks crusty goat pubes.
MY MISTAKE!! Sorry, I meant Q3A's gameplay sucks crusty goat pubes....and there's little you can do about that despite making a great map...sure it plays just fine as_Q3A_gameplay_goes.

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Dr. Feelgood unregistered
#2   04 Jan 2000
Apperance: OH YES! Wonderful use of curves, lighting, shapes etc. all fit together as good as I have seen. This is what others should strive for (not the look, which I do like, but how everything "fits").

Playability: Balanced, great flow throughout, good weapon choice for different locations. Again, right on the money!

Bots: they function well, so watch out

Overall I know it has been used before but I think this is THE best user level released thus far. I gave it a 9 because I don't think there is a 10 map but I think this is 9.5 stuff!

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Atom unregistered
#1   04 Jan 2000
Small with simple layout (unfortunately a standard for now) but for craftmanship ability and "vision" a truly remarkable map and is worth the download.

This one with Tig_one are small map and just for a 1vs1 or 2vs2 but they "kill" whichever tourney map of iD (and for only 15 days to make it! supposely spartime...) What the hell has iD done in 2 years ?!

Moreover the guy works for Looking Glass (!) and thinking to this talented guy using (like the other level designer at LG) the Thief2 engine makes me sad :(

PS: iD adjust the RailGun model (the black hole in the middle!) and restore the Lens Flare!

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