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Satan's Playground by [uM]Greenthumb
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#24   04 Oct 2013
I like the trap. But that's pretty much it.
@FragTastic: That's a dumb reason to dislike a map.
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#23   06 Jan 2012
A dark creepy mystery to the map is great. Btw i dont like the map name. Im a muslim and i hate the word Satan and anything to do with it..
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IK-NIN Rep. 10
#22   23 Jul 2006
This map kicks ass motherf-er.
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#21   03 Oct 2000
I've been playing this map for quite some time now and I've finally got here to give my two cents.

Dude, this is one of my favorite maps! Within the top 5 for sure.

The reason I'm here now is because there is another "conversion" posted at LVL and it was a nice try but can't appoach the overall goodness of this map.

10 out of 10!

Just had to say something.

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Stealth{666} unregistered
#20   11 May 2000
just a great map...too much fun
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Camacha unregistered
#19   10 May 2000
Very good map with intensive and great play... only the health tends to run out on +3 players... I'd like to see the bots get the Quad too, maybe you can do it with that thingie I heard about... so you can make the paths the bots follow yourself (I don't know much about it, maybe you can find it on PQ). Great map! Keep up the good work (Vanishing hope was good too, that last one was a little bit too detailed and chaotic)
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[DPS] Kane unregistered
#18   02 May 2000
i just like this map, although it's a rebuild. especially the details are great. you don't get bored after playing this map many (really many) times, i promise you!
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Steinecke unregistered
#17   25 Apr 2000
Totally mediocre.
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Senior Teflon unregistered
#16   19 Apr 2000
Very fast, tight level. It's great to take shortcuts by running along the sloped sections on the upper level; the first time I realized you could do this was when a bot used it to beat me to the RL and gave me a good pounding.

I agree with others that getting the bots to go for the quad would be great (I tend to play with bots more than online), but the bots seem to do fine without it, anyway. Especially Lucy, who for some reason creams everyone on the server when she's in town. It could just be bad luck, but that one bot is not nice at all on this level.

This one reminds me of the cell block levels from Quake 2, only without the really obnoxious wailing from the captured marines. Much more fun to splatter deathmatch opponents than monsters with poor AI. :)

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Olivier ( Lord Hunter) unregistered
#15   14 Mar 2000
Since I discovered this map with my friends we let us play much with it. For me this map is the best of all the maps than I have. Thank you still in Andreas for quality for his Map


Sorry but I dont speak english.

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SATAN unregistered
#14   07 Feb 2000
cool name
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NathanSkye unregistered
#13   14 Jan 2000
Yes, it IS a spruced up ChaosDM1, the author says as much in the readme. All in all it still plays well, and it's a refreshing addition to the Q3 world. Please read the map's readme before getting out the flame-thrower.
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do unregistered
#12   14 Jan 2000
great game from my schoolfriend
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not entered unregistered
#11   05 Jan 2000
OH C'MON!!! It's just a spruced up ChaosDM1....Get Real!!!

The map itself HAS ALWAYS had good gameplay...

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(MA)Greenthumb unregistered
#10   05 Jan 2000
If anyone knows how to get the bots to go after the quad, I'll probably release another version with it working. Also thanks everyone for the positive AND negative feedback, I'll use it for my upcoming map(s)!
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Rocket Racer unregistered
#9   05 Jan 2000
Tons of fun against the bots!

Though not as flashy as some of the new maps, this one has tight gameplay, sensible layout, a nice innovation (the camera on the quad trap) and that elusive quality, "flow". Looks count -- and this one looks like, well, a dungeon crawl should -- but looks are always subordinate to gameplay. And here there is gameplay aplenty. Very well done.

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Chewy unregistered
#8   05 Jan 2000
Great Map!! The bots are also pretty good, but you gotta find out how to get them to go after the Quad Damage. The placement of the weapons is pretty good and this map has made me a fan of the grenade launcher. Its in a great spot right before a bridge and just let the grenades fall down into where all the action takes place. I would like to know about this portal that leads into a trap. Where is it? If its the portal that leads to the Quad Damage I would like to know how that is a trap! This is one of the best maps out so far!!
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(MA)Greenthumb unregistered
#7   05 Jan 2000
Great that you like my map! Now only let the votes speak :Þ
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etweaker unregistered
#6   05 Jan 2000
nice something different. missed a spot on the wall by the rail gun and some areas the joint weren't quite right. Other than the minor changes it still looks good. I will be running this on my server.

Sully's house of pain

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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#5   04 Jan 2000
Great map love it

the only thing missing is Satan hmself =)..

y are u still reading this download it now!!!!

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not entered unregistered
#4   04 Jan 2000
Well well It's a nice conversion of an awesome Q2 map !

I loved the Q2 map and I love this one as well!

I really hope that chaos deathmatch will be release on Quake3 cos' they have a really nice conversion of the Q2 map with funny weapons!

Can't wait to see that!

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not entered unregistered
#3   04 Jan 2000
stupid me.....I went back and read the readme....he even says the map is a remake.....slaps himself in the head.....heh.....oh well........still..the rest of my review of it stays....could have been a lot better.......sorry about that
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not entered unregistered
#2   04 Jan 2000 it just me..or does anyone notice that this maps seems to be almost a direct rip of a map from the quake2 mod "Chaos DM" fact...after playing and looking around it IS a direct rip of a map from "Chaos DM"....I wouldn't have really noticed but I remember always playing this level with the lights out and those happy laughing proxy mines......the graphics are ok....but still..its to much like quake2......quake3 needs different style levels...its way to cramped as well......even with it being a direct rip it would have been better if done on a larger scale with a little more effort on the effects side
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Dr. Feelgood unregistered
#1   04 Jan 2000
Apperance: good, simple look and feel. for the most part well put together.

Playability: very enjoyable, old time q1 q2 feel with this one.

Bots: not bad

Overall a good map. Maybe a little more time or fresh perspective could have pushed up a notch. However, should be downloaded!

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