Hero's Dojo One
Hero's Dojo One by Oliver Schumann
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InkMan Rep. 0
#8   30 Aug 2009
I really enjoy box maps especially in FFA
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#7   19 Jan 2000
I have to commend Oliver Schumann on the setup and design of this map,but it just doesn't work for me at all.I tried this map with anywhere between 2-6 people and left thinking what the hell...this is not a map to even play on just a tad bit comfortably!Constant bumping into each other,weird item placement,bland colors,generic textures and overall dull and at times disorienting! sorry
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MaLeDiCtA unregistered
#6   15 Jan 2000
the thing with bots is that instead of getting more life-like the higher the difficulty level, they just get to darn accurate. and damn they always know where you are. nothing ever will beat a human opponent but until we get bots equal to humans we're presented with unrealistic gameplay that sadly is nothing like a real opponent. but i must add bots do get you to practice a bit more and they do develop your skills to an extent.
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Lelon unregistered
#5   13 Jan 2000
Just had to say something about the bots. They play awesome (what the hell is dr feelgood talking about) Especially on nightmare when they have the machingun. when you are across the map from oneanother, they see you easily, but u can hardly see them. So you're getting hit constantly with machine gun while still looking for the bot.
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Lelon unregistered
#4   13 Jan 2000
This map rocks. I find it the premier 1v1 map. If you know someone who has about the same playing ability, play this map. It seperates the men from the boys so to speak. Listening to those footsteps and item pickups is a must

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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#3   05 Jan 2000
For a box its a DAM GOOD one!!!

sweet to play 1 on 1 or 2 on 2

it can b boaring at times but all boxes are like that =)

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Dr. Feelgood unregistered
#2   05 Jan 2000
Apperance: intersting but boring box map. put together well but not a great deal going on here.

Playability: good and smooth. I like the limited weapon choice here, makes you plan a little.

Bots: pretty easy to frag

Overall a good box map, just a little too tame for me. However, I think the creator did a very good job at creating what he wanted and seemed to take the time to fit things together cleanly.

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etweaker unregistered
#1   05 Jan 2000
good rendering needs more weapons
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