The Vomitorium (v2)
The Vomitorium (v2) by Obsessed
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Obsessed Rep. 523
#5   10 Apr 2021
"I can't quite get the thrill in terms of gameplay"
raspatan, oh man, I know that it's kinda selfish (it's just a remake tho) but I play this map for years VS BOT and find it veery funny! =) maybe it's mainly because of it's skill - it's cpma bot "Apheleon.100", I highly r3comm3nd! :D I play in vq3 physics ofc, it's hardly a cpma map :( but I'm close to finish some arches widening and so to make this map a little more playable. dunno I just like it )) sry for it's mine but I attribute all the credit to ZTN. =)
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raspatan Rep. 4064
#4   25 Sep 2020
I am not familiar with the original or the other version. Maybe because of this, I can't quite get the thrill in terms of gameplay. It's ok but personally I won't keep it. It must be said though, the sfx in models and textures are amazing. The face where the RA is is particularly scary!
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Obsessed Rep. 523
#3   22 Jun 2019
Sorry guys, I'm very busy IRL (and with one another map) right now so will correct the arches and some stuff later )) As for me, my "original" was bright as Hell, so I can agree only with "q1 ztn's original was better" ))
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JoeBeamer Rep. 106
#2   19 Jun 2019
I liked the original better
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5290
#1   16 Jun 2019
the updated aesthetics are really seductive and good job on the review
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