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Hangar by Martinus
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GuyNamedErick Rep. 212
#3   10 days ago
Funny thing to mention, the original Doom never really had windows, just impassable lines just so players don't go outside that easily. Anyhow, nice to be able to jump over the windows and some improvements to the bot navigation! I also agree with leilei on the textures, there really is a lot of solid black in some of them, could have sworn some textures had more gray in them.
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Martinus Rep. 426
#2   16 days ago
Okay, I'm working on the fixes. Thank you!

I changed the lights and removed the blockings from the windows (now you can jump through of them.)
I'm currently waiting for the download links to be updated.
Edited 2.73 hours after the original posting.

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leilei Rep. 228
#1   16 days ago
The map's got a strange lighting balance compared to the original. This is darker than the original and brighter than the original at the same time, and some of the fault's on the texture's involved (that hexagon tile floor has a *lot* of solid black in the texture the originals didn't have, contributing to the darkness issue)

Maybe some -gamma and -compensate compiling cuold help clamp the overbrights while bringing a fuller lighting balance. Doom didn't have overbrights, but it didn't have a real lighting system either. Might help to get lighting inspiration from running Doom in an older version of Vavoom since that builds lightmaps for its quake-derived renderer.
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