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serious_wohnung by ZaRR
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ZaRR Rep. 38
#3   31 Dec 2018
@Tig: Here I posted somewhere long ago:
It's indeed Philer's map for Serious Sam. I also have the original map aswell.
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Tig Rep. 1114
#2   31 Dec 2018
@ZaRR : Could you either post a link to the Serious Sam original or send me a message about it? Keen to link out to the correct details.
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ZaRR Rep. 38
#1   31 Dec 2018
I'll just wait for someone else review to my map..
I did this map because I simply wanted to make it.
Yes, I spent pure 8 working hours (2 days) on it, and that wasn't that easy. I am not talking about people who making real dm balanced maps, they probably wasting much more time. I remember Party_Mak3r were doing his map for about a half of month maybe. I just don't have such patience.

P.S. Also, screenshots that Tig mentioned in review are NOT from same map!
Edited 4 minutes after the original posting.

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