Castle Wolfenstein
Castle Wolfenstein by Eraser
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Eraesr Rep. 390
#5   24 Jan 2019
Ha, didn't expect the dogs to be so controversial :)
I actually hadn't seen the Lonewolf model when I built the map. Oh well. I put the CleanerWolf model in there as a bit of a joke. I can understand not everyone finds it fitting.
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CZghost Rep. 1611
#4   08 Jan 2019
@Tig: That's okay :) Thanks, anyway :) Personally, I didn't play Wolfenstein 3D, but I did play Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which was huge hit back then. I remember chopping down some Nazis in my 10 :D :D
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Tig Rep. 1604
#3   31 Dec 2018
@CZghost : Your review has been added as well now. Not sure how I missed the email. I think both reviews came in at the same time and I only read the subject line and marked it as "done" - sorry!
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ZaRR Rep. 48
#2   31 Dec 2018
The dog running on rear legs were fun.
Thanks for the map
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CZghost Rep. 1611
#1   31 Dec 2018
I wrote a quick review for this one and didn't even get rejection information. However, I must more than agree with the review SW12 wrote. The dog running on rear legs looks really weird, this is a fact. I know that you really tried to make an exact copy of the level, but c'mon, you can do better :) But you know what? I enjoyed it like never :D The first Wolfenstein I ever played (even before Quake 3) was Return to Castle Wolfenstein, a 2001 remake of the Wolfenstein series. As far from what I know, Wolfenstein 3D wasn't even the first Wolfenstein game ever. It was first for MS-DOS. However, Wolfenstein existed in 1980 for Atari computers, and it was simple 2D monochromatic map. Wolfenstein II (1985) was the same design, and a new story. With MS-DOS popularity, Wolfenstein 3D was born in 1992, and it was the first FPS ever created. Using "raycaster" method, it made a 2D map into 3D environment (so it only really fakes 3D effect), which is why the level is all on a single floor, no stairs, no elevator. This was changed with DOOM (1993), that used BSP to generate 3D enviroment out of 2D map, and added a little bit of depth in the map. It now featured multiple floors. However, the downside is, that there could exist only one floor at a single point in the map. This was changed with introduction of IBSP and the game Quake (1996), which is the first truly 3D game ever created! All these three major legendary games are MS-DOS games.

Enough of history, let's vote! 5/5!

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