DeadStrong by Takkie
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Takkie Rep. 1778
#3   12 Dec 2020
Thank you all for commenting, reviewing and most of all playing this map.
It was a joy to build it. The intention of the map was to promote the mod SlugRock (Slugs and Rockets) but after these two releases life happened... But now I got q3 from steam, setting up my installments and bringing SlugRock back to life...
And oh, Tig. You may change the author's name to my nickname here on ..::LvL
Cheers to you all. - Takkie
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Alice Rep. 605
#2   13 Sep 2016
I like the map for its atmosphere and the gameplay.
Good to see Pete ParisiĀ“s deadmeat textures used again! Due to the clear structure of the map they come into full effect.
The slugs and rocket modification fits very well to the map design without rococo and frippery.
I use the e+ 2.3 mod for my personal LAN map rotations. Unfortunately sr3dm11 with e+ does not load the slugs and rocket mod correctly. The railgun seems to be blocked somehow. But of course sr3dm11 was designed for vanillaQ3 and the map itself runs absolutely fine in e+ as vanilla version (sr3dm11a) and can be changed with e+ options. (Noteworthy this railgun problem is in contrast to sr3dm10 (DustBowl), where the S&R-map-mod works fine with the same e+ configs).
Nice work!
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6320
#1   27 Jun 2016
really loving the slugs and rockets format. this map has a lot of replay value. I noticed you tightened the map size on this one. Good move
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