Screenshot for Trespass by Pat Howard
Added: 31 Oct, 2015   A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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20 Feb 2018
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I think this is my favorite map of all time. It's beautiful and it (both the gameplay and the graphics) just never gets boring.
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27 Jun 2016
Yes. I like this map a lot. Both the gameplay and visuals appeal to me. I like this much better than Hydra
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18 Jan 2016
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My god I've been missing out. Feels good to return to some Pat Howard maps.
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06 Dec 2015
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Added this map to my server queue! Love it!
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03 Dec 2015
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This map is nice, indeed.
It would be great if you could find some time in order to add your Quake maps into Steam workshop now that QL players are able to play custom maps online. I'm sure that they could become quite popular.
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02 Nov 2015
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This map looks really amazing and plays well at the same time!
Its nice to see how much love Pat Howard took into the detailing of this one.
Great Job!!! -Musthave
*Thumbs up*
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02 Nov 2015
pat howardpat howard
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thanks for the review, czghost.
yes, i made this map to take a break from the long and arduous development of "hydra". after i made the layout i felt it had the best gameplay of any of my maps so far, so i decided to finish it before i resumed work on hydra. (in the end, i still released hydra first for the sake of chronology.) detailing this map was a way more pleasant experience than i had with hydra, which lacked artistic direction and was a complete nightmare to finish.
the weapon placement should be the same for all gametypes, unless i screwed something up.
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01 Nov 2015
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Love the atmosphere. I said the map is for relaxing. Well, it was meant that Pat made it during Hydra development as part of education on the layout. The relax was meant as breakout of Hydra development, which continued after releasing this map... No more words to include, my favourite, 5/5 stars.

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