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WaterFear by arcan770077f
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 4991
#5   01 Dec 2020
@Raspatan. you said everything I was thinking but felt too afraid to say. There are some mods it would work in though: Alliance CTF with grapple hook, excessive where you have regenerating health and rapid fire weapons, and DeFRaG. But I agree, these maps don't really work for vq3
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raspatan Rep. 3943
#4   01 Dec 2020
Will start with the negative comments.

First, version v2 is much better, because it allows for an "easier" attack (two routes rather than one very very long and impossible to survive route). But even so, the flag is impossible to take. And even if you get to it... then what? You might have thought an easy escape would be going down... but the teleport right below the flag takes you.... back to the flag room. Water?...if you fall, you need to kill yourself or just wait to die with enemy fire. There is only one exit out of water and it is very far away... why not make the four corners an exit?. Anyway, unless you play against terrible enemies, it's impossible to make a capture in this map.
I didn't like either that the lighting wasn't symmetrical. Red base is clearer. Boxes: to high to climb, so only decoration. Some rooms lead to nowhere too. Better to have put the medikit there instead of next to the... MH. Also, why the automatic death when falling into the floor in the middle (under BFG or Quad)?

Now, the good bits. The map gave me a weird, instant feeling of being inside a Star Wars Death Star-kind of military base. The lava area was also very SW-ish. As a SW fan, that was a cool feeling. I enjoyed going around for a while. Architecture of the flag area and walls is really cool.

Overall, this might be a cool map in some weird mod (cannot think now which one). It could have been redesigned with gameplay in play, perhaps with extra platforms and several more levels rather than just two (or 1.5 as it is now) (more levels would have made this even more SW!!) (I see the railgun version did have more levels...). In any case, great effort and maybe give it another go!
Edited 2.63 hours after the original posting.

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richoi Rep. 40
#3   30 Nov 2020
this is just a quick first impression. for me it's too large. running for long periods trying to find items and get to places, i was wishing for a grapple. i enjoy maps and mods (LMCTF, Alliance CTF) with a grapple. the layout is fine and the texturing, color choices very nice. bots play well. thank you.
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arcan770077f Rep. 30
#2   30 Oct 2020
That's right, it is. Pity that the map got plenty of low votes, I guess it's too unusual for Quake 3.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 4991
#1   07 Oct 2019
this is the ctf version of arcan's other map Railgun Arena also available on LvL
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