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Alliance CTF Map Pack 1
Alliance CTF Map Pack 1 by Various
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haxdax unregistered
#4   26 Feb 2019
for the pack 1 i only can run 1 map... while it should be more than twenty something maps total. do you guys know what's wrong?
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Gorf Rep. 220
#3   06 May 2015
I've been through four or five of these maps so far and I think it is by far the best bunch of maps I've played and I've D/L 'd just about every map here. Yeah, they might be somewhat 'primitive' by the reviewer's standards, but primitive works when it's good...these maps are excellent! 11/10. Can't wait to try the rest of them!
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Marty unregistered
#2   13 Nov 2014
no arena file for all but one of the maps in this pack *grumble *grumble
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1500
#1   17 Jun 2014
I personally can't decide on what map I like best! So far I like the snow map the most.
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