Alliance CTF Map Pack 1
Alliance CTF Map Pack 1 by Various
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2591
#7   13 Dec 2020
I agree with raspatan here. Alliance is a great mod no doubt, and there are aspects of it I like better than its competitor Threewave (though 3W is still the better mod in my opinion overall), but the mappack is definitely not one of those. While there is a lot of creativity on display here, a lot of the maps feel much less polished than the maps in the Threewave mappacks, both visually and layout-wise. Some maps feel way too open, others are overly tight, and overall I don't feel like the layout of most of the maps contributes to cool strategies in the same way as the Threewave maps.
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raspatan Rep. 4558
#6   13 Dec 2020
I used to play alliance back then (offline). Hook was a great thing to use, although never with the flow and relevance it had on Quake 2 CTF. Unfortunately, cannot make the mod run anymore but I tried the maps in OSP anyway. Some maps are fun but most of the maps are not up to the standard of those other CTF mappacks like Threewave. Still, I want to highlight a few of them:
  • ACTF04: a cartoonish, quite good looking piece of map with some great curves. It fails on the gameplay imo, partly because the base is too closed for attacking (a feature of many maps of the pack).
  • ACTF09: a well designed base inside some mountains, with some good connectivity and gameplay.
  • ACTF14: nothing very elegant but remember playing this map a lot. Just the emotional connection. Grapple is not very useful here but fun remains.
  • ACTF17: well, this is same as OSPCTF1 ( Nothing special.
  • ACTF21: a winter-themed map. There are a few of these but never seen one with snow falling! It really creates a nice atmosphere.
  • ACTF24: another map with cool atmosphere. You are kind of underwater. Very cool theme.
  • ACTF27: perhaps the best of all. Two opposite bases, sort of big palaces, not quite egyptian themed but almost. Grapple might be cool here. Available also here:
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6432
#5   23 May 2020
so we finally got the chance to play these maps, and in the alliance mod too, which is great because so many of these maps just don't make sense without the grapple hook. Unfortunately, sometimes the item layout doesn't make sense on some of these, even with the grapple hook taken into account. A few of the larger maps had really difficult bases to get in and out of. Surprisingly, it was some of the smaller grapple oriented maps that ended up playing the best. Even if lacking verticality, the urban map, actf26 was a blast. Curved Space, is as always, amazing. thanks for repacking the mod along with the packs.
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haxdax unregistered
#4   26 Feb 2019
for the pack 1 i only can run 1 map... while it should be more than twenty something maps total. do you guys know what's wrong?
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Gorf Rep. 228
#3   06 May 2015
I've been through four or five of these maps so far and I think it is by far the best bunch of maps I've played and I've D/L 'd just about every map here. Yeah, they might be somewhat 'primitive' by the reviewer's standards, but primitive works when it's good...these maps are excellent! 11/10. Can't wait to try the rest of them!
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Marty unregistered
#2   13 Nov 2014
no arena file for all but one of the maps in this pack grumble grumble
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#1   17 Jun 2014
I personally can't decide on what map I like best! So far I like the snow map the most.
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