Unvasted Temple
Unvasted Temple by SheBitch

A large sized CTF level with nice wide corridors and neo-something architecture (somewhere between Egyptian and Aztec?). The layout is well suited to games with from 4 to 7 a side.

There are number of questionable respawn points. These respawns are problematic either because they are too close to the opposing teams base, or because they are located where it is hard to quickly establish your location on the level.

The theme, architecture and lighting are consistent, which is easy on the eyes but it does become a little too repetitive and doesn't help you navigate the level. Game play is very enjoyable once you become familiar with the level.

Bots play the level very well, and are great for making up the numbers on this one. There are a few missing textures unless you play the level with the Alliance CTF mod.

CTF fans should check this one out for sure.

Ranked: 2.4 out of 5 (11 votes)

Download: Unvasted Temple by SheBitch