Alliance CTF Map Pack 2
Alliance CTF Map Pack 2 by Various
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#1   13 Dec 2020
A significant quality change with respect to the first mappack, perhaps because maps were made for other context. Want to highlight some:
  • ACTF30: released as Castle CTF ( A large middle area with lots of green terrain, and two castle-themed bases at each side. Grapple not really needed here.
  • ACTF32: a visual delight. Never seen respawn points like the one here (like deployment tubes at the walls where player falls to the ground). Very nice texturing and effects. It's also a well designed, well connected map. It might have been a great addition to the standard CTF rotation in OSP/CPM.
  • ACTF33: this is the Q3 remake of q2ctf2, Stronghold Opposition ( If you played the original, you know this will never be the same, even with grapple. But it's a cool map anyway!
  • ACTF34: a map with creepy sounds and hellish atmoshpere. If theme were neutral, this would have been a cool standard OSP/CTF map.
  • ACTF35: an egypt themed CTF. Haven't seen in on LvL but it looks quite cool and would have made a good contribution to standard CTF.
  • ACTF36: a remake of another Quake 2 classic, q2ctf1 ( Same comment than for ACTF33.
  • ACTF38: this is, in my opinion, the best map of all. I don't know why this map never made it to the servers and standard OSP/CPM map rotation. It is amazing! The middle area is quite cool. Its available on LvL,
  • ACTF39: later on, q3wcp22. Available here:
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