Battlezone by Tigger-oN
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#12   04 Sep 2014
Wow! Playing this map was the best feeling I've had all day today. The amount of detail added in this map is insane. I loved it! GIMME MORE! :D
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gooball Rep. 1081
#11   07 Aug 2014
Haha, this is funny.
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Mr. Ken Rep. 91
#10   07 Apr 2014
Notice the tanks even have rotating antenas. What details!
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#9   04 Apr 2014
Holy cow...lookit' dat variety of textures!! Played it, and I must say I think it could have been better with more weapons, and more space to roam.
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Incognito Rep. 156
#8   03 Apr 2014
Nice mountains....:)....felt like i was playing Tron....:)
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CZghost Rep. 1621
#7   02 Apr 2014
Downloaded in school, will install it home when the time gets better :) Looks awesome :')
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leilei Rep. 413
#6   02 Apr 2014
their are certan angels in the map were my FPs's go to 6fps.

my system:
Pentum III 667mhz
3dFx VooDoo 3 2000
CD Quality Audio
Direct X 8 (maxuim i can install)

also wen i turn on vertex light how come map is white????? this map not good for pro gamer's

just tried it on a frend's computer with a POWER VR CARD (as u know that is the dreamcast video chip which is the best in the world if u dont believe me play shenmue and ski's of arcada) and the hole map is white no mater what help

i also trid it in bid for power rc3 and the map is small i cant fly into the sky. and when freiza does the whole planet must sufer the hole map doe's suffer

ill vote this map 10 any way i hope to upgrade to a beter copmuter (like a packerd bell) to run it it looks great !
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Kyall Rep. 407
#5   01 Apr 2014
Wow! I've never seen so much effort put into a Quake 3 map! Just tested it out, and I was blown away (by tanks) by the unique visuals and gameplay. If only I could have played it on highest graphics though, I had to turn in down because it was too good.
Definitely a keeper though :D
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Jad unregistered
#4   01 Apr 2014
You dirty rat! You had me until I read the other comments lol.

Well played. :D

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Bozo unregistered
#3   01 Apr 2014
WTF !? Silly april fool, dude ! I should have wondered about the absence of video and images...
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Comic unregistered
#2   01 Apr 2014
To quote Homer Simpson: Doh!!!
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fKd Rep. 380
#1   01 Apr 2014
Whoa!!! the amount of detail is insane, ive no idea how you did it! good job sir :)
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