Circle Of Death
Circle Of Death by sst13
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#6   08 Nov 2020
Cool idea but the flow of the map seems to be one way. For instance, you can quickly take the flag and go to the lower room but not viceversa. There are similar one-way flows all over. Bad for gameplay.
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Obsessed Rep. 616
#5   24 Dec 2018
I personally don't like CTF maps. but this one is really awesome! I'm just not interested about probable gameplay here, because: 1) the atmosphere of the whole lvl is above any criticism, 2) gameplay MUST be ok. my respect, sst13! =)
Edited 35 seconds after the original posting.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#4   05 Sep 2014
So now instead of just the Blue flag bearing the Strogg emblem, red does too? Interesting. I've always thought the red Strogg banner from Quake 2 resembled the war ensign of a long gone fascist government that was (and still is) very unpopular.
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Vymmiatacz Rep. 190
#3   11 May 2014
Very nicely designed map. A good textures, reasonable layout of the rooms. Bothered a bit that you can easily fall into void (personal teleport placed somewhere would be nice). Anyway - definitely good map.
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FragTastic Rep. 2307
#2   18 Feb 2014
Small yet subtle, This map gives the audience a taste of what small CTF maps should be like. It's not overpowered with ammo and pick-ups, it's just an average, small but brilliant CTF map. sst13 has yet given us a ''Good'' piece of work. Will be looking out for more CTF maps from you sst13!
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I_like_quake Rep. 113
#1   14 Feb 2014
Downloaded this map from his site a few days ago, Its a little small for my personal taste but still a blast on capturestrike
also We need more ctf maps people!! :p
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