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Alliance CTF Map Pack 1
********************************************* *ALLIANCE CTF MAP PACK 1 for Quake III Arena* ********************************************* Date - November 24, 2001 http://www.planetquake.com/alliance **email removed** **email removed** ____________________________________ INSTALLATION INSTALLER - Run the installer program. When promted, browse to the location of your Quake 3 folder (c:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\ is the default) ZIP - Unzip to your Quake 3 folder. (c:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\ is the default) Make sure you maintain the directory structure of the zip file. ____________________________________ DESCRIPTION This file contains the original 27 Capture the Flag maps from the Alliance Mod for Quake III Arena. There are 4 pak files. All 4 pak files must be installed for the maps to play properly. Anyone wishing to use these maps is welcome to do the. The Alliance mod is not required. ___________________________________ For more help, go to: http://www.planetqua...e/index_help.html For a list of current features, go to: http://www.planetqua...dex_features.html ___________________________________ All Material Copyright - 2001 - Alliance Games. All Rights Reserved.
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