The Omnipresent Eye
The Omnipresent Eye by Lloyd Morris
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Martinus Rep. 592
#72   10 Aug 2015
This map was one of my firts favorite custom maps.
I liked it a lot. Memories... :')
Lloyd Morris is actually working on maps or anything somewhere?
Edited 1.49 days after the original posting.
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lol unregistered
#71   10 Dec 2013
ja, orbs!
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Scorpion Tank unregistered
#70   29 Oct 2011
cool!! i love the big eye! 8/10
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gooball Rep. 1081
#69   28 Mar 2011
I love the "Great Big Eye"! Cool map Lloyd.
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SW12 unregistered
#68   28 May 2010
Big eye. looks like Orbb's only blue instead of brown.
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Ash unregistered
#67   10 Jul 2003
This map is teh bomb. DL it now!
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Nitebeat unregistered
#66   27 Sep 2002
lol I can understand why people complained about low framerates =-p

runs fine though =p

good map, although I prefer ancient archipeloga (sp?).=)

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Slyght unregistered
#65   30 Nov 2000
The best map I've ever seen. The architecture is really great. Though I have a low frame rate and bot playing is not as good as on other maps it's it worth only for running around in it ;)
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sniggly unregistered
#64   05 Nov 2000
Lloyd do you have a homepage? Guys with your talents should be worshipped and given a job with ID. What an awesome maps you are making.
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#63   28 Aug 2000
P III 600, 128 Mb RAM, TNT2 Ultra - still got sections where it slowed down to a crawl... however I still recommend that you d/l this toute suite, since it's visually stunning and a great piece of design. This guy's work rules. Load up with 4 or 5 bots on Hardcore for serious fun, and get ready to spend a lot of time just trying to find the bad guys!
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not entered unregistered
#62   21 Aug 2000
Runs well with detonator3 drivers.

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Lloyd M unregistered
#61   14 Aug 2000
Thanks for your comments.

Lloyd M

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Impressed one unregistered
#60   30 Jul 2000
Only one word: AWESOME!!!
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Ahseron unregistered
#59   25 Jun 2000
sweet ass map ,map authors need to take example of this work and start making bigger dm maps
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Snake unregistered
#58   16 Jun 2000
Kick Ass map, runs good on a p667 128 meg ram and a GeForce DDR
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KAoS unregistered
#57   29 May 2000
Hi-rez everything turned up. Graphic settings are 1024x768.
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Dutch unregistered
#56   29 May 2000
I notice one thing here...everyone is hot to say what hardware they have ( "oh it runs great no lag at all") , but nobody says what res or graphic quality settings they use in game....hmmmm
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DBD unregistered
#55   28 May 2000
Ok, with a 800 mhz-192 mb ram-NiVidia GeForce DDR, I can imagine this one isn't lagy but on mine it is a lot. Just like a too much map. Obviously a big amount of work in it but not enough care in fps. I didn't like the gameplay so much and many textures are a lot too flashy. Also perhaps a too big map. So a lot of effort to amaze but too much is too much in my opinion. Gave it a 6 and for the fps I had and gameplay I hadn't, it's a very high rate.
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KAoS unregistered
#54   28 May 2000
Excellent map!! No lag at all no problems in any way. One of the most creative maps I've ever seen. I have a 800 mhz-192 mb ram-NiVidia GeForce DDR.
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MewTMN unregistered
#53   28 May 2000
No, GeForce is great, it just has a problem with this map. I get 70-90 fps on most Q3 maps.
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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#52   28 May 2000
This map looks so cool but i didnt keep it because there was no action and it was a pretty big file. I file that size should contain about 5 maps the way i see it. It was all just graphics. It ran perfectly fine on my PII 366 with 64MB ram. I have a card called Elsa Erazor II. Maybe GeForce isnt that good.....
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MewTMN unregistered
#51   27 May 2000
Yeah, I have a PII 450 with a GeForce DDR, and I get 1-8 fps on it.
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Lloyd M unregistered
#50   20 May 2000

blankman: I had noticed that about the GeForce card. It honestly runs fine on my machine (TNT1) with bots and even better on my TNT2.

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Machiavellian unregistered
#49   19 May 2000

I do not blame your map for slow play with 10 bots then I blame Id with their Bot AI code. Plain and simple, the overhead for Bot AI makes having 10 bots or more a real pain and thus makes this map chugg at points. Besides from that A very damn good job

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blankman unregistered
#48   18 May 2000
oh yeah, and i had 10 bots in it
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blankman unregistered
#47   18 May 2000
has anyone ever noticed that it's the geforce guys who are complaining about framerate going below 10?

I have a p3 500, ATI Rage Fury, 128 megs of ram and it played fine on mine. Never went under 20 fps. Probably a driver problem with the geforces.

btw, i loved it. It's really friggin good.

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magatsu unregistered
#46   12 May 2000
this level is amazingly well crafted! what can i say, it's pure eyecandy, heh...


i have a pIII550 with 128RAM and TNT2Ultra... usually run q3 at 640res. this level brought my system down on its knees! not very playable (yet)

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Lloyd M unregistered
#45   08 May 2000
Glad you liked it :)

Lloyd M

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wondergnome unregistered
#44   07 May 2000
welll what can I say other than....LUSH!!!!!!

Just too good....

After the first meatpak, I was impressed...but the second one didn't really touch that...but this is the best...I am simply in love with this thing!!!!

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Harrynator unregistered
#43   04 May 2000
I give it a 5, but only for the nice look. Cut that thing in at least 5 smaller maps, and then maybe it will run fine. I have a Celeron 500 and a G-Force DDR, and in some spots I get a framerate of 1!!!!!! Laggy as hell, unplayable. I hate the discussion about low end machines and high end machines. When making maps just make sure that the fps are on a level with the original id maps (Check it without bots). (for example the dredwerkz, I think that one has the worst fps) So everyone can play the map.
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Lloyd M unregistered
#42   03 May 2000
-XENO- Thanks for the comments. I'll cut down on the textures to speed up my next map. A misunderstanding concearning the max textures allowed lead to me adding too many. id have pointed me in the right direction :) so it wont happen again.

Lloyd M

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-XENO- unregistered
#41   27 Apr 2000
I would have loved to give this map a 10, but I have to knock two whole points for playability leaving a score of 8. I really mean that about wanting to vote a 10 because I have earned my living as an artist and this map is plain and simple a work of art.

Lloyd, this map is breathtaking and eeriness and awesome views abound; and I loved the many details like the changing face, the risk for the quad, the security tower, etc. (BTW, I was expecting the shiny marble to be slick - maybe next time?); but unfortunately most probably can't fully appreciate the spectacle and still have a playable game. The scale and detail just are too much for most current systems to render at a reasonable framerate and since the map is so spread out many players are required to fill the space for any sort of high activity fighting which, of course, slows things down more. :-(

As for me, speed wasn't really a problem. I never dropped below 20 FPS (50-60 was average in small firefights) while running at 1024x768 with all the bells and whistles on and tuned up high AND 10 bots! But my Athlon 600 (not overclocked), V3 3500 (also not OCed) system is a pretty sweet ride. I'll add that I could hardly get worse than that 20 FPS with a BFG in that central area the bots love with gibs flying like an explosion at a meat packing plant. ;-) So, it's not because the map is slow for me that I don't award a 10, it's for those who may be getting 10 FPS at 800x600 while just running through alone.

Please give us more of this type of astounding work - just in smaller bites. :-)

Agree (0) or Disagree (0) unregistered
#40   24 Apr 2000
i have a geforce 256 annhilator card and this map is so laggy

definitly affects my scoring

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Lloyd M unregistered
#39   17 Apr 2000
Thanks Redrum :)

Peter Watson: I stopped the bots from going there since they would just stand on the bottom and drown. I think there is a problem when bots try to enter a func_door pool which that needed to be for the trap to work.

Lloyd M

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Rerrum unregistered
#38   16 Apr 2000
Woah, wtf was I writing can I spell, DOH no!...better put the crack pipe down...;-)
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Redrum unregistered
#37   16 Apr 2000
Well it original. Reminds me of the king of effrot that Vexars puts into his maps.

I disagree witha fwe of the opinions stated elsewhere on this page tho'. I think the little windows in the Tower are fun. Remember what that is or are you too busy being serious with the railguns and rockets?

Fun is blowing the guy away trying to get the BFG while you're miles away. Fun is catching the guy trying to blow the guy away trying to blow the guy away trying to get the BFG.

Fun is flying around the eye room popping people stalking around the tunnels beneath.

Ok, it's a slow map. Ok the attention to detail wanes a little here and there but so fuckin' what. You're usually rocket jumping past that stuff anyway. More detail = more slow down. You guys probably have medium or low detail anyway.

As far as I'm aware this is the guys first first Q3 map tho' I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't done a few half-life maps judging by the FUN he tried to put into what are usually static Q3 maps.

Come on guys it's up to us to encourage and foster new talent. Stop making this guy feel unwanted. Do you want better maps or not?

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peter watson unregistered
#36   16 Apr 2000
can someone please explain to me why the bots do not go into that water trench where the plasma gun is and other goodies!!! is it due to sloppy programming?

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r@mses unregistered
#35   16 Apr 2000
keep cool MY opinion!

Lloyd´s map is great!


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Lloyd M unregistered
#34   16 Apr 2000
Thanks for the comments everyone.

MY opinion: No I haven't marked it up here. Lets not get personal, OK?

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MY opinion unregistered
#33   15 Apr 2000
geez.. how the fuck did this get to #1! oh Lloyd? you voting yer own map a 10 everytime to get on AOL? you pussy!

Lloyd Morris SUCKS DICK!

and his maps do to!

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sdKuVasz unregistered
#32   13 Apr 2000
i believe the map has many high points,especially the fact that the architecture is great to look at and when played with a few people on instagib lastman standing, you can have a good stealthy game. Of course this is a nice way to get those Rainbow6 and Counterstrike players at your own game without them realizing exactly how badly they play such a game. Of course its much better playing at a LAN than internet due to tons o lag. without it, the level shines. for those who have it and enjoy mission based games, the easiest way to go about such a thing is to make every character you are against an Orbb model and pretend to be an Orbb exterminator in team game or something.

Bottom line:the level is HUGE. I like huge levels.

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Senn unregistered
#31   12 Apr 2000
I am not sure what to say about this one. Its different alright =)

For the most part, I found the textures and theme to be annoying and way too dark. I love dark moody lighting but this is just too dark. The marble textures look as if they are fullbrigt and some of the buildings lack detail while others are loaded to the gills. Some of the gadgets are neat but they really don't add to the gameplay.

Tighten up the gameplay, build a more consistant and solid theme and apply it throughout the map, add some detail and fill lighting, and lose some of the gadgets.

I just can't stand to play this one for any length of time.

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MY opinion unregistered
#30   12 Apr 2000
ok Axhole, the load of custom textures that he DOES have in there look awful.. like he dl'd them from a free texture website. AND the R_speeds being under 12000.. sure.. but when you add bots! HAHA! its R_speeds go right up through the roof.. if you don't want slowdowns I suggest keeping R_speeds at 8000-8500. hell I put 8 bots in there and WHAM! my fps took it in the ass..

the only way this map could have playability.. well nevermind, there is no way it could be good..

Bottom line____It STILL blew nuts

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AXE unregistered
#29   11 Apr 2000
er... I think you got it wrong on all counts there MY opinion... Firstly, the r_speeds are all within the limits (12000), secondly the map has loads of custom textures and shaders (eg. the eye, the sky and the marble textures) and finally this is a very playable map.

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MY opinion unregistered
#28   11 Apr 2000
I thought it sucked ass.. why would you ever want to play a map with incredibly high r_speeds.. not to mention one big eyeball.. sure it might look cool but whats the point to it? if he wanted eye candy he should have taken some extra steps and made his own textures.. I also think the playability of it is nonexistant..

bottom line_____ it blew nuts

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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#27   07 Apr 2000
This map is great but not to dark only to big this should have been a mission level but thats not posssible 9
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peter watson unregistered
#26   06 Apr 2000
Nice map, like out of a fantasy cartoon or something! But why don't the bots go in that water trench where the plasma gun and other goodies are?????
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#25   05 Apr 2000
I found it to be a great map.It has a style that is lacking in most all q3 user is unique. The maps architecture is wonderful and it belongs in UT! I dont know much about q3 editing but i do about UT and what lloyd did with the eye is quite an achievement(a big sphere with little frame rate degration. BUT it is big and it did take me a while to find out where everything was. I tested it on a p450 voodoo 3 96 with things turned down and it was very playable. I also played it on a p600 geforce with 256. it also played well with everything maxed out.(well it slowed when i had a mass of mist on the screen..but it always slows then.

RECOMENDATION to lloyd Morris..Make more maps (just smaller ones)9/10

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not entered unregistered
#24   04 Apr 2000
This lvl is ass
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MogWaEE unregistered
#23   04 Apr 2000
Ariston, it plays fine on my puter (P2 400, 192mb RAM, V3 2k, EVERYTHING maxed out), which is far from being the latest thing! With 10 players, my worst fps is 19! Ok, it's not great, but I get much worse on maps like jk_tourney1 (with only two bots) or on q3ctf4, where I go down to 11~12. Anyway, as far as the action goes, it's just perfect: trust me, I fid it all the time (or it finds me :) ). So no, I'm happy he released it as one big map: I was waiting for one for a long time!
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RailNuttn unregistered
#22   04 Apr 2000
Damn! This is the first map that manages to completely kill my Athlon 600 and Geforce DDR on 1280. I even tried 16 Bit, but open places take my framerate down to 5! Is that normal or is my driver shit??!!
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Ariston unregistered
#21   04 Apr 2000
Others said it already: great design, wonderful construction, WRONG GAME!

this achievement (in the best sense of the word) would be better off in some single player game. it's just too damn big for any real action, and if somebody says they have a machine that can handle over 10 players on this map, well, I just wouldn't believe that. q3a wasn't made for this type of design.

Morris should have split up this map and released it as two.

oh, and I really hate traps that are activated miles away... that's really fair and fun, too! wheeee!

but hey, for a chill-out after an exciting game, there's nothing better than taking in the sunset on the roof...

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olegowitsch unregistered
#20   03 Apr 2000
hey hannibal get it, that was a joke...
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blod unregistered
#19   03 Apr 2000
Huge monstrous piece of... Art. I was spellbound.
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#18   02 Apr 2000
Yeah, this is a cool ass map and it plays nicely, although a high end machine is pretty much required. The 'portal tower' hit me hard-- for some reason my systems always chokes up when looking at portals (does anyone know if it's possible to turn them off?). Hopefully we'll see this one popping up on some servers soon.
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Jim unregistered
#17   01 Apr 2000
Excellent map- very atmospheric. The construction here is great. Besides the low framerate I got thru most of this map, the only minor thing I don't like about it is that some areas are a little too dark.

The tower with the remotely activated traps was nice- its funny to nuke the bots with the rocketlaunchers over the regen spawn, then see the bots get pissed off at the [world].

Very nice- a 9- if it played a bit faster and if it was a bit brighter in those very dark areas- it would have made a 10.

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Dutch unregistered
#16   01 Apr 2000
What a beautiful level and what a crying shame. I mean from 120fps to actually just below 20 shows looks are not everything. Gameplay suffers terribly in spots.Nice art poor gameplay.P3 500 192mb tnt2
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hannibal unregistered
#15   01 Apr 2000
Ricky: you mean your dad's Athlon 850 w/ Geforce DDR
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hannibal unregistered
#14   01 Apr 2000
Certainly up there with meatpak and the vexar maps as far as over the top detail, uniqueness, and size go.

Took two hours to find all worth finding. Could have split map/ideas into two maps to make it more usable for the average number of players.

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MogWaEE unregistered
#13   01 Apr 2000
Damn typo: you were meant to read: "BEST map"
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MogWaEE unregistered
#12   01 Apr 2000
This is not an April fool's post (I would not have bothered writing so much :) ): I mean it when I say that this IS the NEST map I've played!
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MogWaEE unregistered
#11   01 Apr 2000
There was alot of hype around this map, and let me tell you, it was all worthit!!! It's absolutely gorgeous: the use of textures is PERFECT, and the architecture is somptuous. It's amazing that LLoyd M manged to create a map so immense and yet so immersive. In all this vastness, I never got bored once, and every room looks as beautiful as the next one: they are all a great show of originality and great artistic skilz! Also, and mostly, the gameplay is great: there is never a dull moment: as you flee from large, vast areas to tighter corridors, it gets your heart pumping at 250bps, trying to avoid that rocket coming right at you when you are desperately looking for some powerups (hmm... maybe there aren't enough)! Eventhough the framerate does get kinda low sometimes (I'm not complaining, this just makes me want to buy a new puter), it's not worse than any id's space map or jk_tourney1... Really, it's not that bad (I'm running a PII 400 w/ V3 2000 and 128mb Ram). So c'mon guys, yes the level is huge... but play it for a while, and I can guaranty that you will be hooked, and forget all about the one or two moments where the fps drops.

To finish off, and I say this from the bottom of my heart: this is simply the BEST map I've ever played, and I am really looking forward to the author's future creations!!!

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Quaker-X unregistered
#10   01 Apr 2000
yeah yeah shutup ricky (hehe)
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Ricky unregistered
#9   01 Apr 2000
Well..... the level runs great on my Athlon 850 w/ Geforce DDR Alienware Computer lol! :)
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}CR{CasbahBoy unregistered
#8   01 Apr 2000
I just got more ram. High off the amazing framerates accompanying considerable ups in detail, I downloaded this map. I need more ram. If you feel powerful, this laggy as hell map will bring your system to it's knees. Kill me.
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Visceral Monkey unregistered
#7   01 Apr 2000

Mighty nice. My only real complaint is that some parts are just too dark and you cant see the beauty of the map. Example: You cant tell you in or under the water in some parts because that transition just isnt there..too dark to notice. Awesome art, this is eye candy at its best and I love it. Did get real slowdowns even with my GeFore...of course I still have everything maxed. :)

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McLAREN unregistered
#6   01 Apr 2000

Just prefect

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Steinecke unregistered
#5   01 Apr 2000
Levels for slower machines/ levels for faster machines. -So, tell me, whats the reason to sobber all the time? Just play Q2!
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kenny unregistered
#4   01 Apr 2000
Well well well....good looking map but it seems to me that it's a little too hardware-oriented!

My "poor" TNT2 32Mo can rest in peace with this map :)

Well off u go 32bots textures and stuff..

BTW the map is way too big, I tried it with 10 people and OMG a real slideshow.

I honestly love this map but not for the gameplay, only the design.
So download it for sure but be aware that it's gonna be hard for your hardware :)

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Fetzenpenis unregistered
#3   01 Apr 2000
Needs equipment. I'm tired of the howling! You've got an old comp? -So You can play Quake 2!
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Quaker-X unregistered
#2   01 Apr 2000
WOW. this map is probably the best looking map out for q3. the eye is awesome. i think it would be a good map in unreal. i didnt even bother to play the map with bots because i was looking at it the whole time. good job keep it up.
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doug unregistered
#1   30 Nov -0001
ouch. This map is not that great of a map. It can be fun if you totally toon down the graphics. I'm on anD Athlon 650 with a GeForce and i play with everything up at 800x600 and it is not playable. I could only play on with medium details at 600x480 or what ever to get a playable framerat. which that hurts because it looks good when full detail is on. just getting 5fps i snot cool.
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