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The Omnipresent Eye
******************************************************************************************** "The Omnipresent Eye" - For Quake III Arena (Deathmatch + Team Deathmatch) by Lloyd Morris ============================================================================================ Type: Location Based DM ============================================================================================ Title: THE OMNIPRESENT EYE Filenames: lloydmdm1.pk3, lloydmdm1.txt Author: Lloyd Morris Address: **email removed** Previous Levels: Aftrshok (Half-Life) Escape Reality(Half-Life) + Numerous Half-Life SP levels for Midas (as yet unreleased) + Levels (unreleased) for many games between doom and Q3A. Description: Set in a citadel overlooked by the Omnipresent Eye. Broken down into different types of area: Stacked rooms, open courtyard, tall sniping tower and huge arena style room inhabited by the eye. The level contains many user activated traps. Here is an explanation of their use: Tower lowest level looking glass -> Fires multiple rockets at the walkway, above the courtyard, where the regen is. Tower second level looking glass -> Fires plasma at the BFG cage. Tower third level looking glass -> Shows the view from the giant eye. Also fires rockets and plasma. Tower fourth level looking glass -> Drops the water level in the pool in the eye room. This will trap players caught in the pool for a few seconds. ============================================================================================ Additional Credits: Beta Testers: Andy Driscoll (aka Will Smith - Quake3World)- beta tester + advertising dept Gef Kerensa Morris - who beat me 20-4 in testing KnightMB Nephilim_Goth Gwilym Morris and everyone at King Of The Jungle LTD Thanks also to: Paul Jaquays and Kenneth Scott (and everyone else at id). Robert Duffy William Morris - Paintings in lava room top floor. @ Abhoth Assembler Maniac Autolycus (at Valve) Bob's Rent A Cow Blue Calx Cartman2000 chiQ claudec crackerjack Coriolis Cornelius Debugger Duhard Dur dylan-d {EGO}Strike e_T FragHamster Fragwish fricker Gaia Gauntalus Gila Gladdis GodHand GrafxMan -Harlequin- INS@NE J.Frost Jim JL keditok Kelendral klous Lanzelot Lard Loc Looser LordWislem Lyer007 mac magic^mushroom Maj Malaclypse Mankind mkelly MogWaEE Mr B Ginner MrG Mr.Hankey MyStErIoUs DrAgOn Obliterate69-1 Partisan Pheroz RedLick RupTuRE Sir.fragalot Shi mo fo Shmitz slater snickel fritz spaceman3 spiike SPoG Stingray70 Storyteller Suicide20 Sul Thorazine Shuffle Timeburn TS183 tupacaveli Tyrant[MRC] unitool UV-Slinger Valacar Viet xgalaxy Yonax Zarathustra1 Z_Buffer Zero Tolerance ztn zuggzugg and everyone else at Quake3World Level Editing for your help. ============================================================================================ Map Instructions: Unzip LLOYDMDM1.ZIP and place LLOYDMDM1.PK3 into your Quake3/baseq3/ directory. ============================================================================================ Information: ****Test Machine : PIII 500 256MB RAM TNT + Voodoo2**** **** Compile Machine: PIII 700 256MB RAM TNT2**** **** Recommended Machine: As Q3A specs **** SP BOT support - Yes (with separate pk3) Deathmatch - Yes (8-14 Players) Co-operative - Yes New Textures - Yes ITEMS: ALL WEAPON TYPES ARE PRESENT. ============================================================================================ Construction ____________ Base: New level from scratch. Editor Used: Worldcraft 2.0 and Q3Radiant 181 Known Bugs: None Compile Machine: PIII-700MHz with 256MB RAM Total time: 18 hours 45 minutes ============================================================================================ Copyright and Permissions: Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH NO MODIFICATIONS. This level may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems. You are NOT authorised to put LLOYDMDM1.PK3 on any CD or distribute it in any way without Lloyd Morris's permission. (c) Copyright 2000 Lloyd Morris
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