The Omnipresent Eye
The Omnipresent Eye by Lloyd Morris

Enormous, extravagant and elaborate. The map feels like some kind of techno Tsarist Siberian fantasy. The background a panorama of snow laden peaks under the baleful gaze of a huge unblinking, unmoving eye.

A second eye lurks within. A map more designed for sightseeing than fireplay, the architecture overwhelms the gameplay and weapons and health are scarce. There are lots of gadgets; the shot via remote portal feature was cool but almost useless - though, I did get a few. A lot of the areas are really dark and unused.

An over-the-top over-designed map that really requires a high end video card and a lot of friends to enjoy.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (115 votes)

Download: The Omnipresent Eye by Lloyd Morris