MeatPak by Pete Parisi

Whitemeat, Redmeat, Darkmeat: its all quality with this three in one pk3 arena set. There are a lot of original textures which help to establish the authors distinct style.

The bounce / launch pad density of Whitemeat gives something of a Space Map feel to the gameplay but with a wholly different aesthetic. Steeply ramped scalable walls to mid-height perimeter ledges provides more vertical freedom of movement than the passive projectile feel of strictly bounce / launch pad movement. The size makes the BFG warranted. Has laggy moments :[

Darkmeat wouldn't be my selection off this menu. A Space Map, just not as visually rich. The item placement is a bit off (another Rail Gun or Rocket would have helped), and bots are totally lamebrained on this level.

Redmeat is very juicy. A large map with a great deal of vertical layering and structural complexity delivered at a reasonable framerate. This would be the pick of the litter for me.

A good level pack with heavy styled arena levels capable of supporting up to 8 players. Gets a bit laggy in parts. Would suit LANs best. (.pk3 is not compressed, expands to 16 meg)

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (203 votes)

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