MeatPak by Pete Parisi
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Gelenkbusfahrer Rep. 182
#70   25 Jul 2023
Well, Pete Parisi prolly just didnt care for bots as i dont give a fuck either when building maps ;)
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#69   31 May 2023
Darkmeat is actually a really clever map but there is just too much going on for the bots. They like to find their way into the gutter and run aimlessly until their ammo is depleted which is too bad. Didn't find Redmeat too appealing and neither did the bots... Which leaves Whitemeat as the main course here. (I'm sorry). Not sure why Pete Parisi only has one bot in the arena file for Whitemeat. Whitemeat (to me) is the most fun when you about max it out on capacity and just let chaos reign. Obviously its better with humans if you can manage it, but bots do OK.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2332
#68   01 Jul 2012
The one in the screenshot looks like an emptied swimming pool.

Well, sort of.

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FragTastic Rep. 2325
#67   30 Jun 2012
OMG! This reminds me of the final mission on Goldeneye 007 Wii :o. It's amazing and why is the current rating 8.12?! it should be 10/10 because it's brilliantly manufactured and built and it's just a wonderful map. 10/10
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Scorpion Tank unregistered
#66   21 May 2012
lol, this map was in neytrino's freeze tag server or sort. that was my fav server back in 2008... until the bitch banned me few months later for no reason. :(
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db unregistered
#65   03 Dec 2008
Parisi's maps are definitely interesting.

Redmeat and Darkmeat don't appeal to me so that's the only comments I'll make on them.

Whitemeat is excellent and probably the best of Parisi's maps. Visually wonderful. Bots aren't the greatest but playable. This map is really for DM and there's plenty of options and opportunities here for great play. I'd question the placement of one launcher but that'd be the only very minor nitpick I'd have with this map.

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Rotary Fist unregistered
#64   06 Nov 2004
these maps are real arenas - shape and placements in the map are made just for gameplay. And playing this is really fun, even with bots, great for Bazooka Q3 or Akimbo modes. MeatPack will stay on my pc for long time ;]
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Nitebeat unregistered
#63   27 Jul 2002
man what the hell is up with the bots in "whitemeat"...


Nice levelpak though :)

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ExFF unregistered
#62   06 Jan 2002
The best MapPack overall.

Absolut hervorragende Maps, besonders Darkmeat mit 3-4 Players echt der Brenner.

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GuitarMan unregistered
#61   23 Jun 2001
Excellent maps!
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{GDC} -Nekrataal- unregistered
#60   28 Jan 2001
The 3 maps have a outstanding design and i really love to play them. Not everybodies taste.
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Wesley Willis unregistered
#59   17 Jan 2001
I like the way it rock, I like the way it roll, I like the way it whoops a horse's ass with a belt. 10 out of 10. You are my friend to the bitter end, Pete.
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topo unregistered
#58   16 Jan 2001
these maps make one of the most complete packages i've seen for q3. in addition to ingenuitive and different level design work, the meatpak texturing is also among the most original work out there. great job (and excellent lighting on whitemeat). great fun to play on, even with dumb bots.
Agree (0) or Disagree (0) unregistered
#57   19 Nov 2000
absolutely beautiful terrain, and incredible fighting. these are the perfect maps.
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GorillaGok unregistered
#56   13 Jul 2000
Easily among the best Paks I've seen out there. Particularly White Meat. The colors chosen on that one lend a true sense of atmosphere. Better with humans than bots. Good stuff.
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Mysterious Dr.X unregistered
#55   04 Jul 2000
Top bunch of maps. I've had them on my HD for ages and aside from the bots I love these maps to bits. Also got meatpack2 which rocks and I'm dowloading Chronic as i type. Keep 'em comiong. We all love you MEAT!
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Sundown unregistered
#54   20 Jun 2000
Back to reviewing....overall design is excellent, but these maps are for humans only. Bots have no clue on any of these maps, don't forget good bot routes Pete.
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@@SaGgYbUtToX@@ unregistered
#53   01 Jun 2000
lovein it
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brimmie unregistered
#52   30 May 2000
Got to say, that this map pak is sweet, I downloaded the second one first and think it is the best maps in the game, but these come very close. Whitemeat is my fav, and is very original. Seriously this guy is an artist as far as i am concerned, excellent work. The textures are great and the flow is good. I must say that i think REd meat is a tad big, but if i had a little more ram i could really enjoy the vertical game. Dark meat is a pretty good selection, with a nice gimmic. Overall i'll give these babies a 9.
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DaSmAcK unregistered
#51   21 May 2000
i love these levels. there are no levels better for a lan party Meatmaps rule
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nomo unregistered
#50   08 May 2000
this levle is great, but it could have more!

p.s. cheak out his other maps there cool to!

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awkward unregistered
#49   04 May 2000
Daylight, the daylight effect is the key, one step closer to reality.....fps? stop moaning and get a G4 but not 1.17 point release... arse.
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Steinecke unregistered
#48   04 May 2000
Whitemeat is great; the other to maps in the package bring the score really down. Better publish single maps.
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-XENO- unregistered
#47   28 Apr 2000
Oh, yeah! 10 times three on this pak. Like most, White Meat is my fave, but Dark and Red are excellent too. I had to run bots at nightmare for best game, but I know this'll rock with human opponents.

The departure from traditional styling is refreshing. I hope Mr. Parisi is working on more maps of this top-notch nature. Maybe Meat Grinder, Pounded Meat, and Grilled Meat??? :-)

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Leviathen unregistered
#46   25 Apr 2000
Totally, totally top banana! I LOVED these, all three of em (tho Whitemeat has to be the fav) slick as chocolate to look at and play beaufifully. Top marks that man!
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eric erikrom83 puig from unregistered
#45   22 Apr 2000
bravo !

imagination clarte texture de qualite et tres differente des map habituelles

merci a l auteur pour tant de talent

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Stan The Man unregistered
#44   22 Apr 2000
Beautiful. Just beautiful. I run a weekly Quake game and just can't wait to show the "Guys." One thing a lot of levels forget these days past the the gameplay is what I call the overall art direction. Yes gameplay is a must but to have the look that went into these levels is the sign of a truly talented individual. Great Job! Look forward to your next ones.
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Redrum unregistered
#43   20 Apr 2000
Simply spectacular. Got a job yet?
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Gibbs unregistered
#42   17 Apr 2000
White meat is perhaps the best mod level to date. I get so sick of running around stone dungeons. The bright blue sky and cool grey concrete rock! Dark and Red meat are swell levels too. Way to think outside of the box dude. Do we have a release date for Meat Pak 2 yet?

Just a thought to all you mod makers out there. How about some off world levels. Example: maybe an Icy Canyon or a level set high in some Alien Trees or maybe on an Astroid where you can jump form rock to rock and the sky could be a awsome swirling black hole. Just a thought.

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none specified unregistered
#41   13 Apr 2000
These maps rule! As I was checking these maps out I just kept being amazed by the originality and inventiveness.

I especially liked the angled walls. I really can't touch the surface in this little box but just above every aspect of these maps creates depth.

A batch of well designed levels, I can't wait to more from this guy.

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judas unregistered
#40   13 Apr 2000
It's great to see someone doing something that's not only truly different, but actually works really well! There are loads of great levels out there, but far too many are come from the traditional DM mould. Frame rates are fine with me (P3-450/256mb/TNT2) - or as fine as they can be on an NT machine :-/

These maps will be staying for a while yet...

Shame about the bots though :-(

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Mike unregistered
#39   12 Apr 2000
Just a little thing about the Bots.

Sure, these levels deviate from standard types, and in many ways, it's this that makes them great. But it's no reason for bots not to play the levels well. In many ways, the bots are good, but they just fail to utilise the whole map. A few of those 'weights' for the bots would change this completely.

The thing is, the bots do trigger the buttons on redmeat - random file makes that definite. So it's still risky grabbing the BFG. The bots do (sometimes) go to the RG plat in whitemeat, and quite often get up to the BFG etc. It's just that they fail to utilise the whole of each of the maps to the full.

Not everyone can get online for a good bit of dm, and not everyone has enough players on a LAN to make it worthwhile. They do play (they rarely get stuck anyway), but tweaking them would make turn these from great maps into the maps

But hey, what the hell. Just keep making these great maps for us :)

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Rjcc unregistered
#38   11 Apr 2000
Question? How do you trigger the buttons on redmeat?

I love all the meat levels, even with bots, but the redmeat map has me stuck. An awesome pack and well worth the download.

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MEAT unregistered
#37   11 Apr 2000
Hey everybody, I would just like to say thanks for all the cool comments. I totally appreciate it.

As for the comments about bots not playing properly on the levels, I just have to say that these levels were not made for bots. I did not test them for bots. People don’t realize that it’s not the level designers fault that bots don’t know how to do certain things. I think ID did a pretty good job for doing death match AI in traditional maps with hallways and rooms. But in levels that deviate from the traditional death mach type level they don’t work very well. I think it would be pretty boring if everyone out their made levels that looked and played just like the Q3 levels.

Meatpak 2 Should be ready pretty soon. Even more maps that don’t work with bots. I have 2 dm levels done and 1 ctf level done. And I have a web site, that should be going live shortly that will have info about the meat paks and other projects that I am currently working on.

Thanks again,


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[KDS]Djembe unregistered
#36   10 Apr 2000
These maps are bringing a lot of your machines to a slow down? When folks with GeForces, PII 350+ and 128+ RAM are having low FPS all I can say is "What??!" Are you sure you have your machines configured properly? Perhaps they're not even turned on : )

These maps rock. And they all run slick on the three machines here. Two of them are well under the specs people are mentioning here. And while the Bot support is sketchy, I can fill 'em up with multitudes of bots without trouble. On a LAN, just dreamy...

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Mike unregistered
#35   10 Apr 2000
Whitemeat - a damn fine map, but gets really laggy with more than about 5 bots (on P2-400, 256MB, GeForce - damn, maybe I need to tweak again).

Redmeat is great, but the bot pathing is, well, below average. If that could be improved, this woiuld be an absolute kick-ass map. Good for Domination as well.

Darkmeat is really cool, but again, pathing is dodgy.

All in all, pretty damn fine

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bryce unregistered
#34   09 Apr 2000
phat levels dawg
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Brad unregistered
#33   09 Apr 2000
Wicked Design
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Kurupt unregistered
#32   08 Apr 2000
I have a amd k6-2 400 64mb ram and i've have no slow down AT ALL at 1024 res. Btw Darkmeat is a bit shit but Whitemeat kicks ass. redmeat is a top map 2 but bots are fairly bad on it (they never go anywhere but the bottom floor of the map. 2 of the maps are quality unfortunately 1 isnt that good. worth the d/load though. 8 out of ten. Make more top maps Pete. Whitemeat is The Fucking Best
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Kurupt unregistered
#31   08 Apr 2000
btw my name is Kurupt forgot to enter it in my comment before
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not entered unregistered
#30   08 Apr 2000
I have a amd k6-2 w/ 64mb ram and get no slow down at 1024 res. Btw Darkmeat is not that good (its average)and the bots are fucked on it. Whitemeat is the best map here, top on a lan and w/ bots, original level design. Redmeat is another good map that would be even better if the bots were better on it(they always hang around on the bottom floor). Well worth the d/load. Kicks Ass (well darkmeat doesn't) Well Done Pete Make more maps as good as whitemeat. 8 out of 10
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RedFive unregistered
#29   05 Apr 2000
For all the people out there who have probs getting Q3A to run at a good clip, the word TWEAK was invented. Do you REALLY need all the curves, gibs, marks on walls, textures you can check under a microscope, etc., while you go running top-speed on Quad blasting away with a Plasma Gun sending 100 gobs of energy a second? Don't forget that when you're trying to do all that, there are 5-10 players/bots/llamas who are trying to do EXACTLY the same thing at the same instant! You gotta suffer to be beautiful, and I hate suffering. I don't know about you guys but I'm not checking the richness of a texture or the curviness of an archway while I'm serving Death to LPBs who should be doing better with their GeForces. The secret word is TWEAK.
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ZeroSquared unregistered
#28   05 Apr 2000
This is right up there with the

best. I think that whitemeat

would be an awesome rocket arena

map. Darkmeat was a little strange with the bots but that's

what friends are for. Pete kicks ass! Keepem comin' }:-)

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Fingers unregistered
#27   04 Apr 2000
I liked the darkmeat a lot... Nice size, very good and consistent custom texture set, and some original/stylish architecture. The other two feel a bit too cluttered visually, the style isn't as solid.
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#26   04 Apr 2000
Question what would be the solution if you replace your old 3d card with a better one and while you play q3 arena it hangs what could i do to make it run just like it used to do help me i have run out of solutions.
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Ariston unregistered
#25   04 Apr 2000
wonderful design, great new textures and shaders, new look, atmosphere breathtaking, bot play SUX big time. I think some bot entities and donotenter brushes are desperately needed in all of these maps. they are way too easy to dominate.
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Erlandr unregistered
#24   03 Apr 2000
I didnt notice any slowdown or lag, I have a geforce running on a celeron 366 and 128 megs o ram. Again, I love these maps, especially white!
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olegowitsch unregistered
#23   03 Apr 2000
don´t like em.yeah the maps are eye candy,

but gameplay is too slow for me.


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CasbahBoy unregistered
#22   03 Apr 2000
Back to give it another good vote :)))
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[Tz]=SIN= unregistered
#21   03 Apr 2000
One word: AWESOME!

Whitemeat is even fun playing on yer own :-) but Redmeat really kicks some major butt.

Keep up the good work Pete!

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Dragon|PBK unregistered
#20   03 Apr 2000
comment on "white Meat"

Its a well designed map, and i like the way the BFG is not respawning constantly. Also has GREAT use of curves and textures are interesting.

However and its a big however, the framerate just bites. Maybe its me but I dont like maps that run at half the speed of id's Maps.

I dont know whether the maker just owns a MEATY pc or what happened but on my P3450 with a TNT2ultra FPS where often hitting 20-25 and thats just a pain. Considering most run happily at 40+ this is just poor judgement in my humble opinion.

So in conclusion the maps fine the FPS are not make up your mind accordingly.


I havent played others enough to comment.

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Morgoth (not the mapper) unregistered
#19   03 Apr 2000
Yep, i agree with Twitch. The BFG takes AGES to respawn, there is no ammo for it, and (in red anyway), you can set off the BFG trap thingo (there's buttons to shoot everywhere)


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RedFive unregistered
#18   02 Apr 2000
I could've done without Dark (me and space maps don't mix well), but Red and White are nice pieces. As far as laggy moments go, My 400/64mb/TNT 'puter has no probs at all. But being an ex-BMXer, I like Whitemeat the most 'cuz it's a humongous skatepark !!! An 8 'cuz there's a space map in there.
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Erlandr unregistered
#17   02 Apr 2000
Pure genious! Great aesthetics and superb gameplay, a must have!
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Adroit unregistered
#16   02 Apr 2000
These maps are sweet... I only played against bots so I can't get a real feel for Darkmeat (since the bots just run around in the ditch) but both red and white are amazing. I need to find more by this mapper.
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#15   02 Apr 2000
Every mapper could learn a thing or two from Pete. I hope that he can bring some of his aestethic-prowess to The World is Not Enough.

Yes, they're open.

Yes, they can slow down some computers.

But they ALL play great! White & Red are the ONLY maps I've seen that aren't COMPLETELY ruined by the inclusion of the BFG.

And Dark...

Well... it's THE ABSOLUTE BEST space map since Q3DM17.


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Morgoth (not the mapper) unregistered
#14   02 Apr 2000
I downloaded this map pack from q3center when it first came out, (at least a month ago) and i had a blast (still do...) IMHO, they are what space maps should play like. Sure the framerate sucks if there's any more than 4 bots in there (p3-500 128mb, TNT2). I enjoyed these maps MUCH more than ANY of the id levels. Playing against bots on Darkmeat can be fun (grab the RL & Quad, and run around in the 'ditch' at the side) Great maps. I hope to see more from this mapper.

Morgoth (Not the creator of Killing Grounds)

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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#13   02 Apr 2000
I have had this level pack for some time now d/l it from somewhere else but it's different and it rocks this pack is beautiful one foult it can get a bit laggy on slower pc's but that's all a 9.6 so a 10
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hannibal unregistered
#12   01 Apr 2000
large: yes

can it run on your redneck Pentium II 233 w/8 Mb: no

can any of you children who say something sucks just to get attention even fold a map, much less create one: no

pearls to swine

At the moment this set of maps holds it's own with Mindfields and Coriolis Storm. It just requires higher-end hardware and about 12 gamers. The thought and detail are extremely high; looking forward to a map a bit more svelte from Parisi.

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MogWaEE unregistered
#11   01 Apr 2000
Something different, something great... something to keep.


Psyko, stop being an ass: in all OBJECTIVITY, this pack is far from deserving a 0/10, even if you don't care for the gameplay... so don't be a grouchy little ass and unbalance the grading of these fine maps.

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sillysquirrel unregistered
#10   01 Apr 2000
I am getting great FPS with these maps. I have a OCed 300a celeron @375 with a TNT 1 and I get 30fps! Oh yeah my tnt is over clocked too. For me that is very good. As for the maps, very well laid out. It my be to big for 4-5 but for me it works. I liked Redmeat the best. It reminds me of the bouncy map. You will need skills to work it and very fast reflexes. Playing with 4 bots @ hardcore I had my work cut out for me. I gave them a 10 cuz I needed something new to play and the maps are amazing. I have beat all levels @ hardcore yet I cant beat a single nightmare lvl. Thanks Pete.
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Psyko unregistered
#9   01 Apr 2000
I think all of the meat maps are pretty much crap. There is little gameplay, and they are framerate killers.


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Ast unregistered
#8   01 Apr 2000
These maps are brilliant in thier use of textures and lighting. This is a prime exapmle of someone who is willing to think outside of the box.
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alpo unregistered
#7   01 Apr 2000
Wow! I thought this map pak is one most unique paks I've seen yet. my first thought was it looked like something outta sonic adventure! The conveyor belts especially. This is a good thing I think. The maps have some real play depth to em. I'm looking forward to playing them on a lan, since real opponets are far more devious than the bots...(They would be great for some Rocket Arena! 8) ) The textures are great! ( I really like the bounce pad textures in whitemeat.)I also thought the map names were pretty cool too! ;) Looking forward to more from you!
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miles666 unregistered
#6   01 Apr 2000
these maps are really cool, different than any q3 maps out there. i like the innovative map designs even though these (white and red) are a little large. for some fun go to whitemeat on excessive!!!
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miles666 unregistered
#5   01 Apr 2000
these maps are really cool, different than any q3 maps out there. i like the innovative map designs even though these (white and red) are a little large. for some fun go to whitemeat on excessive!!!
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Ricky unregistered
#4   01 Apr 2000
I dont like it..... it is to wide open
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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   01 Apr 2000
All three maps have something of the wide-open space-map style of gameplay, so people looking for "serious" (traditional) DM maps probably will turn up their noses. But IMO they're fun to fool around on, and the new texturing is refreshing. I didn't come away with any strong impression about Darkmeat, but Whitemeat is good if your comp can support a massive FFA on it, and Redmeat has the potential for some loopy vertical play 1-on-1 or small FFA.

I wouldn't say these maps are among the best in terms of gameplay, but they are "different" (mostly in good ways) and definitely worth a look.

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#2   01 Apr 2000
Whitemeat is probably my favorite of these, for both aesthetics and gameplay, but none of these maps are really to my liking gameplay-wise. However they're all quite fun to play with grapple enabled, give it a try if you get a chance.
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}CR{CasbahBoy unregistered
#1   01 Apr 2000
crazy ass...yes, a bit laggy, but the best map pack we will be seeing in a while. a must have!
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