Sanctum by ShadoW
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Kao unregistered
#8   08 Apr 2018
Map doesn't feel refined and the billboards are awkward. Other than that, the map looks beautiful.
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#7   05 Jan 2012
Fantastic Details! Im looking foward for more maps from you.
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2553
#6   01 Oct 2011
A good map, but imho I personally think Battlegrounds / Wargrounds was a more solid map than this. The aesthetics are a little cleaner here (but that may be just the minimal style that was sought here) but q3shw26 was more fun, with curved accel pads and vertical action seemed better as well. This is still an excellent map, as to be expected from Mr. Chrapka.
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gooball Rep. 1081
#5   21 Sep 2011
This is like Dreadful Place.
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themuffinator Rep. 1048
#4   21 Sep 2011
I agree with the reviewer (whoever it was - I guess it was Tig?) about the ads. Slapping ad banners in a work of art such as this map, Solitude, Windsong Keep etc. is like bastardizing the Mona Lisa with a Coca Cola advert. At least if they looked like billboards of sorts and not some flat vector graphics they might fit into their respective environments better.

But then I also agree with cityy about the review - there's far more to the map than just the ad banners.

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spirit Rep. 547
#3   20 Sep 2011
Architecture looks absolutely great. Haven't fired up Q3 in quite a while but I'll give this one and "Achromatic" by flipout a try, that's for sure.
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Tig Rep. 1554
#2   20 Sep 2011
Feel welcome to submit another review. I would be more than happy to put it up.
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cityy Rep. 375
#1   20 Sep 2011
I'm pretty disappointed by the review. It doesn't tell you anything about the maps construction and gameplay. Instead it is just whining about the ads..
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