Corrosion by Phantazm11
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obstroc unregistered
#11   22 Apr 2015
A perfect map, just nothing else to add.
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<secs.> Rep. 66
#10   28 Feb 2012
really enjoyed the map! love the addition of details, like the power sources for the jump pads.
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FragTastic Rep. 1512
#9   12 Jan 2012
Love it! Everything about it is just awesome. 11/10 :).
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Kaz unregistered
#8   25 Jul 2011
I'm extremely jealous of your ability to make irregular curves look so damned good, Tom. ;)
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gooball Rep. 816
#7   02 Jul 2011
This MUUST be in QL someday. 10/10
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GuitarMan Rep. 368
#6   01 Jan 2011
Superb! The work of a true professional. A masterpiece, as the reviewer said.

Great layout. The visual theme and architecture are brilliant.

Another sign of the work of a true professional is that, as the reviewer points out, the map was built without overloading the players' FPS; it performs really well on my old 2 Ghz Athlon XP w/512 Mb RAM and a GeForce 4. Some good mappers totally skip this basic point, which makes the difference between a sloppy job and a professional job.

A new favorite of mine from now on.

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headrot Rep. 120
#5   17 Dec 2010
Very cool lvl
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ShadoW Rep. 40
#4   15 Dec 2010
The most professional, best looking map from Phantazm. Impressive design with great textures usage and detail work. Great job buddy :).
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cityy Rep. 280
#3   15 Dec 2010
The map is ok. Could have used more cowbell. :)
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spirit Rep. 469
#2   14 Dec 2010
A masterpiece.
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fKd Rep. 325
#1   14 Dec 2010
everything about this map is pure awesome! 9.8/10
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