..::LvL 10th Anniversary CTF Map pack
..::LvL 10th Anniversary CTF Map pack by Various
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SW12 unregistered
#8   26 Jan 2011
I think brians comments should be removed. If they are even supposed to be suggestion titles for maps, then they are really inaccurate. if he is to name anything like that, let it be his own maps, and not someone elses.
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spirit Rep. 707
#7   26 Jan 2011
Agree. We need an 'ignore anonymous posts' button for registered users. ;)
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themuffinator Rep. 1046
#6   26 Jan 2011
Brian you are a legend!
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Brian unregistered
#5   24 Jan 2011
The Mission Packs Capture Of Flag
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kakashiz Rep. 10
#4   14 Nov 2010
thanks :)
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Ferrao Rep. 0
#3   10 Jan 2010
Well, I'm sorry, Tigger-oN. I haven't had contact with the guys for... uhh, I don't know how many years. Don't know if Oneg1n is into the scene anymore at all, guess not so. I do remember his email but I won't publicly write it here.
Geit should check by here from time to time, I guess. He was such a devoted mapper. Can't imagine the interest in Q3 ever left him.
On the other hand, guess what: I installed Radiant just a few weeks ago after all these years, funny coincidence :). And I'm working on a CTF map :D.

and edit: It won't be as many miles long as ctctf1 had had become ;).
Edited: 10 Jan 2010 AEST

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Tig Rep. 1612
#2   10 Jan 2010
@Ferrao: Thanks! Also, feel free to send in updated details about the Chicken Team maps. The contact details are no longer valid (from memory) for the CT listings.
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Ferrao Rep. 0
#1   10 Jan 2010
Happy birthday ..::LvL. Congratulations Tigger-oN for one of the best and most durable resource sites ever created and thanks so much for keeping it alive all this time.
Quake 3, in my opinion, stil is one of the best shooters ever programmed. Because it was kept simple yet very well delivered in what it was designed for. Who needs all these team oriented shooters that you get nowadays? At least to me they never were an alternative. And I won't even mention the name of this other "Crap for Snipers"... ;).
Again, Tig, thank you for LvL, thanks to everyone who contributed to it and thanks for including the Chickenteam maps in the pack :).

Keep on Fraggin',

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