The Valley of Redemption
Screenshot for The Valley of Redemption by ShadowZombie
Added: 27 Apr, 2009   More than 5 years old A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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22 Jul 2017
when are you make another map?????
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25 Jan 2013
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Looks great
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21 May 2012
Scorpion Tank
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i like it!
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08 Apr 2012
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@Satan Fang: There may only be team spawn points. Try \team b (or r) at the console or load the level from the menu system.
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Where the HELL is the spawn point?
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14 Jan 2012
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1 word. AMAZING!
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01 Nov 2010
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Lacks excitement? I disagree, played this on a LAN with 10 other people and it played realllly fast, The flag rooms look awesome too. I just think the center ground could have used a bit more color and maybe a regen/Quad in the center instead of a haste, other than that a Fantastic map
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28 Nov 2009
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Lacks eye candy? You think so? I like the map design very much (the part of it which I can see on the screenshot); it's simple yet nice. Don't know about gameplay yet, but I'm gonna give it a try.
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28 Apr 2009
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Okay - in my opinion there are at least two things missing in this map:
Walking through this I was wondering why you've added this wide and open central area without a RG - I think this would give it a bit more action. The second thing I felt sad about is that there are no jump pads - I really like the position they take in ctf. What also worries me is that it's very easy for one team to control both RL and the RA.
But there are also good things about this map - this plays very fast in cpma and the layout is very simple to remember. I also like the way the textures are chosen.
I'll give it a 6.5 - Keep up working!

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