The Valley of Redemption
3:25 PM Monday, January 19, 2009

---Map Information---

Level Title: The Valley of Redemption
File Name: mjkq3actf1
File Size: 4.91 mb
Author: ShadowZombie
Real Me: Michael J Klocke
E-Mail: **email removed**
Previous Work:

---Map Description---

Not much to say as far as a description to this map. With this
being my first attempt at Capture the Flag I wanted to keep
it straight forward and simplistic. My brush work in some
areas are not as detailed as others portions of the map.
This is due to the fact that I didn't want to go over board
with eye-candy. You'll notice that the layout is inspired greatly
from q3ctf1. Which is about as straight forward as you can get.
Very simple on the construction as well. So having that said I
hope you enjoy it. It's been a while since I have released any
work. So hopefully I can pump out a few more map's while the
Quake 3 is still alive and fairly kickin.

Thank you very much for playing.

---Map Construction---

Base: From Scratch
Editor: q3radiant202
Compiler: Q3map2toolz by Hro
Q3map: Q3map2 by ydnar

---Map Playability---

Player Load: 6-12
---Capture the Flag---

Weapon Load:
---Rocket Launcher---
---Shot Gun---
---Plasma Gun---
---Lightning Gun---

---Custom Stuff---

All the textures you see are from Kell's map Black Belvedere map
Exception to the stock light texture. The Sky box as well is the
work of Kell. Hell of a job he did on them.

---Custom Sounds---

---Beta Testers---
stjartmunnen -AKA- Mummy ;)

---Thanks goes too---
Id Software
LevelMakers and the great Forums.
Thankx a bunch Astro :)
..::lvl Q3Aedition This is where my mapping started.Thankx Tigger and Mandog.

---Legal Stuff---

You may (NOT) use my map as a foundation to build another
You may distribute my map as long as this read-me text is included and unaltered
All the Custom textures used in this map remain sole property of the
author in which they were created from.

Thank you for Downloading and Playing. Have fun.

Michael Klocke