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Anyone Seen the Bridge?
Anyone Seen the Bridge? by Pat Howard
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FragTastic Rep. 1454
#7   21 Jul 2012
Pretty impressive map Pat! :). I like the way the layout is set and how the structure of the map is made. Tig has mentioned an improvement in the textures and yes there actually is a big improvement so that made the map push up a little. Not bad but keep it up! 6.5/10
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pat howard Rep. 399
#6   27 Aug 2010
Will do. Thought about just e-mailing you but people don't normally do updates a year after the level is released : ).

Might as well I guess. Thanks,

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Tig Rep. 984
#5   26 Aug 2010
@pat howard: Send the update in with some details on what has changed and I'll update the download and include a list of changes below the review.
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pat howard Rep. 399
#4   24 Aug 2010
Shortly after I made my second map I re-did the items in this one and made a few other changes which improved gameplay significantly for all game modes. I doubt too many people are still interested in this map, but if you would like to get your hands on the updated version contact me at the e-mail address listed in any of my readmes.

Edited: 24 Aug 2010 AEST

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Anonymous unregistered
#3   05 May 2009
I'd like to thank everyone for all the feedback on this map, particularly in this case, because I agree with everything the reviewer said.

This map does have some item placement problems, as I had only just begun thinking conceptually about entity gameplay and domination was not something I was directly familiar with.

I had my heart set on the placement of the RA and the RL from the beginning which, in retrospect, was the cause of most of my problems. The upper bridge is not as useful as I imagined, and the haste was forced into a slightly odd spot.

There are also some connectivity problems, if not missed opportunities, that could have incorporated the bridge more and improved flow. Something like a drop from the bridge to the PG or, at the other end, leading to the RA instead of the 50, would have been worth experimenting with.

So after getting a couple of fresh perspectives I have a lot of new ideas, but perhaps it would be better to learn from these and move on to new projects rather than continue to fiddle around with this first release. Overall, I'm content with how things turned out.

p.s. One thing I forgot to mention in the readme was that the title is a reference to the DMB song by the same name.

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cityy Rep. 280
#2   28 Apr 2009
I remember downloading this from the map queue just to write a test review for myself to improve my skills. At first I have to mention that this is very good for a first release! The Layout and the usage of the pads are really interesting - It's quite sad that the bots don't really go to the lower area where the PG is situated. There is potential in this map. I'm waiting for your next release. Keep it going ;D
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peewee_RotA (No Relation) Rep. 30
#1   27 Apr 2009
A Tastycast review is also available for this map:


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