Anyone Seen the Bridge?
Anyone Seen the Bridge? by Pat Howard

A relatively small, fast DM and Tourney release. The layout is very open with large sections of the level viewable from almost anywhere. This openness may cause a minor issue on older hardware.

It is possible to dominate the map with small player loads by running the RA, RL and near by health. Moving the RA out into the central area close to the top of the jumppad and the removal of a lot of the 5+ health balls may have helped to balance out the game play.

There are a few nice features to mention. The first is the launch pad that shoots you into a smooth curve upwards and above. This is very well done. The second is a the Quake symbol embed in the architecture in one of the walls of the court yard. It is subtle and again, well done.

Bots have no noticeable issues but can often be found heading towards the RA. So long as you do not camp the RA, the bots will put up a good fight.

Looks good, is fast to play but is let down by the item placement.

Update: The download has been updated to version 2. Included in the changes are lowered trims, improved bot play, item changes that improve gameplay and texture improvements. (27th Aug, 2010)

Ranked: 3.1 out of 5 (14 votes)

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