by Rota
Adelline by Rota

A fast paced DM and smooth Tourney level over two floors. The layout twists and turns over all over the place and allow for some good connectivity. Visually there is noting wrong but some more variety in the texturing and lighting would have been nice. As it is you feel a bit like you are running around in a very large abandoned bathroom.

Tourney games are intense and can be very exciting with players working out where, and how well armed each other is. The item balance is very good. The RA placement can lead to surprises and you need to make sure your opponent is not guarding it.

DM matches are fast and a lot of fun. The entire map is used in both game modes as well. What more could you want from a DM?

Bots will put up a good fight and use the whole level, but will not go for the RA often.

Well worth grabbing for small DM or Tourney matches. A little more visually difference between upper and lower levels would have finished the map off better.

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (23 votes)

Download: Adelline by Rota