Dreamscape by sst13

A space CTF release, suited for 3 or 4 players per side but a 2 vs 2 can also be a lot of fun. Often with space CTF levels you can see the entire level all the time. With Dreamscape however there is an under path as well as the common ground. You can re-connect with the common ground from the underneath section via a few teleportals or with a rocket jump, but a quicker, central jumppad would have been nice to see. No Rail Gun is included and this was a good choice.

Each base has a teleporter escape route which will take the player on a small worm-hole like trip and spit you out on a large block in the middle. Above the block is a shootable trigger that will squash a player standing on the block. The problem is the trigger is very high and small which leads to this feature being seldom used. A better option would have been to have the entire squasher as the trigger.

DM and TeamDM game modes are also unofficially supported with minor changes to the item layouts. You will need to start in these game modes from the console.

In case that was not enough, Dreamscape has been designed to support the Proball mod, which is nice to see and can be great fun with 4 or 5 players per team.

Under standard Q3A, the bots will play without issues but are pretty easy to beat.

Even with the few minor issues above, this is a professional looking, well designed release. Space CTF, DM and Proball players should grab it!

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (46 votes)

Download: Dreamscape by sst13