Schizophrenic remix
Screenshot for Schizophrenic remix by DIXOFT<ReMiX<
Added: 23 Jun, 2006   More than 10 years old
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24 Sep 2018
I never thought I would want this until now. A mix of some of my favorite Quake 3 maps, makes me wish this was an official map even. It's great fun with 8 bots...or players. :)
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13 Sep 2018
Rep: 36
Of course, 6 to 7 players are the most suitable.
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07 Apr 2014
Mr. KenMr. Ken
Rep: 73
It's hilarious, and great fun!
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06 Apr 2014
What an absolutely brilliant map! I DLed this one to explore and see what it was all about, and it's so cool to round a corner in one ID map and find yourself in a completely different ID map. I wish the bots would explore a little more than what they do, but still...awesome map! Love it!
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12 Feb 2013
Rep: 170
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04 Feb 2012
Rep: 1111
This is the craziest map I've ever seen :D
Awesome work!
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05 Jan 2012
Rep: 926
Haha! Hell's Gate Remake :).
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11 Apr 2011
Rep: 488
In one way, it's creepy, but in another way, it's unbelievable. Nice Map. 9.5/10
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31 Mar 2010
Not registered
This map is huge... but i love this map!
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21 Mar 2010
Not registered
Hmm... just like q3dm15.
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23 Aug 2009
Rep: 313
Maps like mom... er... id used to make. Splicing maps together may more often than not work, but this map is quite clever at combining several of id's maps, and it is fun to play against the bots to boot. Pretty much a central area fighting frenzy.
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06 Jul 2006
Rep: 654
Try an anonymous login to:
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05 Jul 2006
Not registered
ok.. please tell me the connection details to that FTP
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05 Jul 2006
Rep: 654
Aquashark: You could use a FTP client like FileZilla to grab them from MHGaming. There was a torrent and a eMule/eDonkey mirror of ..::LvL, however both where not popular enough to maintain.
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05 Jul 2006
Not registered
how can i download ALL the maps from this site? but not manually.. :P
is there a torrent? or something?
it would be so nice..
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30 Jun 2006
Rep: 828
I like the idea.
Reminds me of the 64-player maps from q2...
The bot play was a bit disappointing.
The weapon and item placement are not all that creative.
(as mentioned in the readme and review)
A little more work on this and the map would be much better IMO.
The different parts are well put together!
nice work...
It makes me wishing it was bigger with more parts from id-maps...
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28 Jun 2006
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A very clever built that was needed i must say. Fun for a good deathmatch or 2vs2 even 3vs3. Wow the blending of the original maps was well designed and gives a nostalgic taste to gameplay. The background music theme is there too:D. Smooth and colorful , fast and fun. A must have in my opinion , serves the title right "q3megamix". I'll be uploading later to the V2 Clan server to see reactions from players.
Good release!
Score :10
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28 Jun 2006
Not registered
Very interesting, because it plays with your memorized layout of regular maps, and you have constant strange feeling of de ja vu. Too bad the bots never explore the level too much.
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26 Jun 2006
Rep: 611
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23 Jun 2006
Not registered
Interesting take on the ID maps, and works well in most places. Cleverly connected too.
So how much of this was a decompiling job, and how much from scratch?
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23 Jun 2006
Rep: 30
ANOTHER MOLD OF MAPS??? In This "review line" 99% of maps are a moldof quake orig maps...

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