Place of Two Kings
Place of Two Kings by DaveBulow
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sw123 unregistered
#9   30 Jun 2010
To "some1 who caught on", is it like you really could outdo Dave in map making? And "hmmm....", you ARE The same person aren't you? Don't impersonate. Its rude.
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hmmm.... unregistered
#8   10 Jul 2000
after dave's comment to "someone...blah...blah" i dont

like dave or his maps.

if someone piss on your leg the best is to ignore it.

but those words make me....bah.

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WacK unregistered
#7   05 Jun 2000
I realy was happy when I found out about this one...This was my favourite map in q1 and even with q2 and q3 out I stil like the physics from q1 so you should all d/l this level then classic quake Arena...


p.s - I like the textures but i think a gothic themed version would be good...

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DaveBulow unregistered
#6   31 Mar 2000
Well, thanks to some of you for your comments. ;-)

I didn't think it was that bad, especially if it got 4.5 out of 5 at Z-Axis (, as well as quite good scores at loads of other review sites.

Anyway, it's my first Q3 map.

To that person called 'someone who caught on' (see other comments), you suck worse. You suck so bad you've probably got full blown aids and mouth ulsers, so f* you! ;-) No offence. ;-)


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Dutch unregistered
#5   28 Mar 2000
I'm sorry I don't like this level. It is too confining and bots tend to congregate in the pit area.
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someone who caught on unregistered
#4   25 Mar 2000
this map sucks ass..

votes have to be rigged

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not entered unregistered
#3   25 Mar 2000
Been following this level since the betas, its a great level!
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HaLf-DeAd unregistered
#2   25 Mar 2000


Dave Bulow is a good mapper as I know him from Half-Life mapping and his Place of two Kings is absolutely GREAT!

Keep up the good work Dave!!! You ROCK!

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Jim unregistered
#1   19 Mar 2000
Its always refreshing to see someone experimenting with a different style of map, but this style is nothing new, as I remember seeming timber-frame architecture being used as early as Q1 maps. However, I still don't think that the "real-world" style of architecture hasn't been done well yet in a Quake engine game, if it can be done at all. It just looks too blocky and chunky, compared to the real-world examples it is modeled after. This map looks ok for the style. I didn't like those ugly lamps used (see screenshot). The trap-door near the fireplace and shotgun was a bit annoying too.
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