Place of Two Kings
Place of Two Kings PO2K.PK3
DaveBulow 15th February 2000

Title : Place of Two Kings

Filenames : PO2K.BSP and loads of stuff all in a
PK3 file, which is in a ZIP.

Author : DaveBulow

Email Address : **email removed**
**email removed**

Description : A Quake 3 Arena Deatmatch map based
loosely on the layout of DM1 from
Quake, but in a 16th Century
timberframe setting.

Additional Credits to : id software (
for erm.... Wolfenstein 3D, Doom
Doom 2, Quake, QuakeWorld, Quake 2,
Quake 3 and just about everything
this side of Stroggos! (
for hosting my site...
Martin V. Madsen
(**email removed**) for
making some of the textures.
Dante (**email removed**)
for playtesting the map
Anyone else who I forgot to mention
here, as well as all those people
who encouraged me to get it
finished. Thanks to all of ya!


* Play Information *

Settings : Whatever suits you best. You don't need
anything VERY high spec, but a PIII and
Voodoo 3 is a very good idea. Then use
800x600 and all the highest settings,
including lightmap lighting.
Actually, this map doesn't need a very
high spec machine to run at higher res
modes, I can run it fine at 640x480 with
lightmap lighting and all other options
turned on to max on my PII 300mhz with a
8 mb Voodoo 2!
Single-Player (bots) : The bots that come with Q3 work quite
well with it, but often stay in the
lower level and almost never use the
General play: : Great for a tourney (1 vs 1), although
2 teams of 2 also works well. The map
is quite balanced in play.

* Construction *

Build Time : Dunno. About 3 weeks working.
Compile Time : About 10 to 15 minutes, on a PII 300mHz with
64Mb RAM
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : None!!! ;)

* Other Info *

If you like / dislike it, then please mail the author. (ME!)

* Important play instructions *

Enjoy yourself and kick ass!

* Distribution *

Distribute this wherever and whenever you like. If you want to put
it on CD for a magazine, please feel free to. I'd just like to know.
This map (Place of Two Kings) is Copyright (c) DaveBulow 2000.
...Apart from the basic layout, which is, of course from DM1 from
Quake 1.

Thanks again to all those who helped me. ;-)