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The Bad Place (2)
Date: 01.Febuary.2000 (rev 1.0) ---- 24.Febuary.2000 (rev 1.1) 03.March.2000 (rev 1.2) 07.January.2001 (.shader problem fixed for 1.27g) Instructions: ------------- Simple - unzip the .zip file to wherever your /baseq3 folder is. Enter the game. Pull down the console and type "map q3q1dm4" Start fragging! Information: ------------ Title : The Bad Place Filename : q3q1dm4.pk3 Author : American McGee (original) Mike Zuber (remake) Email Address : **email removed** Additional Credits to : Darren Blum (for hosting this file) Mike Hanlon (testing and crticism) Jason Weitzel (testing) Jeff Kershner (testing) Kerry O'Brate (bot victim) Jack Garret (testing My bitches n' ho'z in SDSC for providing many months of on-line entertainment. Gameplay Specifics: ------------------- Some people get the missing texture grid in the main room. This is because you don't have the 3Wave CTF Add-on pack installed. Go download q3wctf.exe and this should solve that problem. Bot support has been compliled - it's pretty good, the only problem the bots seem to have is getting the quad and/or getting out the hole in the wall that the quad is in. I connected some of the vents - if you look/think carefully - you'll know what I mean ;o) Please don't hesitate to e-mail me with questions and/or comments. **NEW FOR REVISION 1.1** 1) Tweaked some textures to make the map look better 2) Added some clip brushes so you can't jump through torches 3) Added some damage brushes so you take damage by standing on torches **NEW FOR REVISION 1.2** 1) Added some clip brushes 2) Tweaked the sky-lighting 3) Fixed the missing portal-shader problem. The map originally referenced the portal-shader for my other map, q3q1dm2, so if you had that loaded you wouldn't have noticed a problem. But for others, they would get the black & white grid. This has now been fixed and the map now references it's own shader, not another maps! Construction: ------------- Base : DM4 (from QUAKE) Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant 1.0 Build 181 Build time : 25 hours Compile time : 5 min This is my fouth map. * Copyright / Permissions * Basically, since this map is derived off of someone elses work - I don't really have a say to what happens to it. But to save you some time, I'll tell you right now that the original DM2 map was part of a commercial product (namely "Quake") and I don't think the designers would appreciate you putting this map on some shitty-ass CD to be sold to some person who doesn't know any better for a ridiculous amount of money. Basically - YOU DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO SELL THIS. DISTRIBUTE FREELY OR NOT AT ALL!!!
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