The State Is Not Your Friend
The State Is Not Your Friend by seremtan
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#7   20 Apr 2022
Having a rendering issue with this map in good ol' Spearmint... Not sure what to make of it. I've posted the issue to Spearmint's git as well as on Reddit. If I find a fix I'll swing back to update.
zturtleman responded to my git issue:
It works correctly in the opengl2 renderer but not the default opengl1 renderer.
You can switch to the opengl2 renderer by opening the console by pressing shift+esc and then type com_renderer opengl2; vid_restart and press enter.

Again this is just for those of us running Spearmint.
Edited 2 hours after the original posting.

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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#6   20 Aug 2012
This map is good in Generations Arena when you play as the Earth Soldiers. The atmosphere is pretty cool too.
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FragTastic Rep. 2307
#5   19 Mar 2012
Impressive work. These maps are really cool to play on. I got to say, I'm really impressed.
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spirit Rep. 707
#4   23 Aug 2010
@javierP: Hmm, strange. It shows up in the skirmish menu for me. Are you sure put it into baseq3? If so you should be able to start it using the q3a in-game console. Type /map stchdm2d to do that.
Edited: 23 Aug 2010 AEST
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javierP unregistered
#3   23 Aug 2010
as I can play the map?, install in the folder baseq3, but not in the game.

now, thanks.

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IO unregistered
#2   23 Jun 2010
Can you go out of the building?
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Reactor unregistered
#1   18 Jun 2005
Excellent map!!! It has everything, what it needs! Mega health, super armour suit, Regeneration, even the famous grappling hook! It's truly INCREDIBLE map!!!!

Keep up the good work! Definitively worths a 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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