Crackle on the wire
Crackle on the wire by dONKEY
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Geniraul Rep. 1220
#3   08 Nov 2023
I discovered this map in Xonotic several years ago and found it very suitable for the game. Great layout thanks to lots of twists, staircases and verticality! In addition, it's a larger level where all the weapons are present, so all these factors make the gameplay really dynamic and fun. I'd prefer for the color palette to be more diversified, and maybe more shadows. Some conveyors and underground water tunnels would be nice for filling the space with the given scale.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6320
#2   15 May 2021
great layout for dm. biggest complaint would be too little health for the size of the map and recommended player load (contrary to the reviewer's claims). could handle a lot more than 8 players. the stairs were a little steep in places (as was noted by Legrand)
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Legrand [LN] Rep. 340
#1   17 Mar 2005
I had this map (and several other dk ones) on our server for quite a while and almost wrote up a review of it myself. The map, overall, isn't bad as it stands. There are, however, several areas that didn't seem to jive, or fit correctly. Some examples would be sets of stairs that are impossibly steep (seem to have been added as an afterthought for connectivity issues), The water portals that are too high to bee seen out of when walking by, and, what amounts to a pit of death, with one jump pad and one other exit out that is too near the powerup respawn. The overall textural feel was ok, but the layout seemed a little off to me.

As I said, it's not a bad map, it just feels a little funky here and there.

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