Crackle on the wire
Crackle on the wire by dONKEY

A good-sized map, sporting an industrial/warehouse theme and an interesting layout. Although the textures and lighting are definitely appropriate, occasionally some of the choices seem a bit odd. Dark walls will contrast with light floors in some spots, and corners or staircases will seem entirely too dark in others. It's not too bad, but certainly noticeable.

Many will find solid gameplay here, with lower areas and higher walkways being well balanced to keep things moving, except for one crate sitting right in the middle of a walkway. There is a good selection and placement of weapons and items, although there seems to be an abundance of health, even for a map this size. Bots do the job, but human players will present the better challenge here, taking full advantage of the map.

Unfortunately, there was considerable lag on my machine (800mhz, 128mb/ram) with the number of players really needed for this map. Recommended for those with higher-end PCs.

Reviewed by Executive.

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Crackle on the wire by dONKEY