Rusty Browns
Rusty Browns by Eraser
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#4   26 Aug 2020
Huge map, with quite a good gameplay, but for some reason not as addictive as House of Dissent.
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Alice Rep. 605
#3   08 Dec 2016
mid-sized map? LOL 8->
(I got lost there). The visuals are nice and although the map is large I observed no major drops in fps. So it is also playable.
As Mark mentioned below, the map seems good for playing with a mod, e. g. ex+.
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shrinker unregistered
#2   08 Mar 2011
another good map by same author. for sure 8.5/10
and no, i didn't rate this because i can't rate so the people did know to rate the maps well, lol
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Mark unregistered
#1   16 Jul 2008
This map is LARGE and OPEN. Would suit Rocket Arena, Excessive mod or instagib because of this. This might account for the high number of downloads and its score. Weapons and ammo are too sparse and widely spaced for normal play. RL and RG are at the same end of the map. RA & YA at the other end. MH sits inbetween the 2 major weapons, a little closer to the RL. Due to its size and poor connectivity you will be using the RL and GL to get about. It appears the limited connectivity is supposed to encourage movement through the wide and exposed expanses of this map. Quad, RL, GL, MH all spawn within close range of each other. Better item placement would have given this a better balance and flow as would scaling it down.
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