Arena 13
Arena 13 by ALMighty
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#14   28 May 2021
Ok map. Items are a bit too sparce in my opinion. Perhaps plays better in CA mode. Suggested load is not enough. You need 5+ players to see some decent action imo.
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obstroc unregistered
#13   26 Apr 2015
The consistent theme and consequent polishing makes this map still to a fresh and modern arena. It's still worth many matches, especially online. A simply solid map with nice visuals and open gameplay feeling with enough room to move. Strongly recomended for everyone who likes the setting, or a very solid theme with open places instead of tunnels and tight rooms. For those surely a keeper, as for me.
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cityy Rep. 365
#12   04 Apr 2009
This map has a really nice visual style and could be fun on lan if you have enough players to get it fast.
You'll get bored of this very fast if you play it with bots.
I think not many people have downloaded this since the update in feb. 2005 - it's worth a try, maybe some people will keep it.
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Parhelia unregistered
#11   24 Jul 2004
Yes :))) Very well done !!!!!!!!!!
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J2KoOl63 unregistered
#10   17 Jul 2004
ALMighty has done a great job with this map. The rain effect is great with the skybox you chose. Bots understand the map, but I'm not sure about the quad. Lighting is great, and I found nothing wrong with the item placement. Quad shoot the computer screen and find out from there to get the quad damage. 10/10!


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Quad unregistered
#9   16 Jul 2004
Good Map! Just I've not been able to figure out how to get to the Quad... any tip?
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me! unregistered
#8   14 Jul 2004
good work ALMighty! this level looks very nice and plays very well! thx!!
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ALMighty unregistered
#7   12 Jul 2004
Sorry you didn't like it, but I had to get it done for the competition so forgive me if some areas are kinda boring to look at.
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THE mighty mapper unregistered
#6   09 Jul 2004
Is that q1? lowpoly lowdetail lowly look.

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ALMighty unregistered
#5   07 Jul 2004
Thanks for the review! Appreciate it! ;)
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{DEMO}LITION unregistered
#4   06 Jul 2004
Writing the short hand probably wasn't really a good idea anyway... if I had put Burial Grounds competition (BG-COMP 1) it might had let people know. Anyway, here is a link to the contest, for those of you who need it (could have put that in the review as well...):

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Black Dog unregistered
#3   06 Jul 2004
Shows how carefully I read the review, huh.

My bad.

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{DEMO}LITION unregistered
#2   05 Jul 2004
"Someone should probably stick that in the review."

I mentioned that in the first line/sentense of the review:

"Arena 13 is ALMighty's forth Quake III Arena map release, winning the BG-COMP 1 competition."

I even emailed Tig about it just after I sent the review because I thought it should be included, and he managed to add the changes :D

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Black Dog unregistered
#1   04 Jul 2004
This map placed first in the Burial Grounds mapping comp. Someone should probably stick that in the review.

On another note, it's interesting to see a map work textures from so many different sets together effectively. Except those crates. Meh.

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