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Arena 13
Title Arena 13 Filename alm3dm4.pk3 Author Daniel 'ALMighty' Alm Homepage alm.gamedesign.net Previous work [Kingpin] almdm1 - Blackened City almdm2 - Golden Sunset almdm3 - Harbor of Sorrow team_recycle - Team Recycle team_palace - Cash Palace [Quake 3] alm3dm1 - Power Metal alm3dm2 - Darkness Of Christ alm3dm3 - LANS Asteroid Thanks to: Robert Duffy for GtkRadiant id for the Quake series ydnar for Q3Map2 Hr.O for Q3Map2 Toolz Charon for the clock and crate textures Lunaran for most of the textures Mr.Clean for the warningsign texture Quaker-X for the sky texture BETA/PLAY TESTING: Lars 'Las' Johansson Pär 'SniPaer' Martinsson Joakim 'Sypherlane' Larsson =Description========================================================= A medium sized deathmatch level. It was made for the Burial-Grounds Level Design Contest which ended on April the 18th 2004. Story: The arena was built before the first Nuclear War started in the year 2291. The number of arenas built is unknown, but this was the 13th of them, and it's construction is dated to 2284. The purpose of the arenas was for deathsentenced prisoners to fight each other to death, as in the ancient roman gladiatorgames. Ever since the war and the nuclear fallout came, the arena has been abandoned. Until now... =Play Information==================================================== Level Type Deathmatch No. Players 2-8 Bot File (aas) Yes =Map Information===================================================== New textures: Clock and crate textures courtesy Charon: www.interactivedeath.net Most textures courtesy Lunaran: www.lunaran.fov120.com Sky texture courtesy Quaker-X: www.planetquake.com/quakerx Warningsign texture courtesy Mr.Clean: www.planetquake.com/mrclean New sounds: Yes New models: None Total Brushes 3702 Total Entities 463 Net Brush Count 2565 =Construction======================================================== Base From scratch Editor(s) used GtkRadiant Known bugs None ===================================================================== Copyright © Daniel Alm 2004 You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels! You may distribute this BSP in any electronic format (BBS, Internet, PC/Game Mag cover-CD, etc) but you MUST inform me before you do this.
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