Full Moon
Screenshot for Full Moon by TymoN
Added: 03 Jul, 2004   More than 10 years old
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13 Sep 2004
g0r the only
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This map recieved an 8 from me and the team, we had fun with it in one of beryllium servers, thnx for your hard work... - Team Marlboro
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17 Jul 2004
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This was an excellent map TymoN. I liked the skull lights and the wolf sound in the map. Bots played very well but they seemed to stay in the room where the Mega Health was and thelightning gun. Textures matched everything in the map. Good job 9/10!
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08 Jul 2004
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This map won the 2Q3 Mappers Challenge that was hosted on the Tikidomain. This banners were necessary for the competition.
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04 Jul 2004
Black Dog
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Oh man. Lovely looking level, good layout, skillfully textured and lit - and then you cram two awful, bright, atmosphere destroying banners into one corner? WTF?

Other than that, nice job. The looks are excellent. Minor gripes include the item placement being a little wierd in places - that solitary 5 health looks like it should be a weapon or armour - and the clipping could be better.

Also, don't ask me why, it needs the Mario theme music.

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