Full Moon
Full Moon by TymoN

A medium sized Gothic themed map, with great architecture and atmosphere. It is definitely a great map. The graphics are great, the gameplay flows perfect and its overall good atmosphere is partly due to some cool ambient sounds (such as a wolf howling). The lighting is perfect, though I'm not so sure about the skull models. The map layout feels large, yet very connected. You can get from any random point to any other random point with ease, taking a number of different routes. This also makes it a very fast paced map, where you're almost always shooting at something, somewhere.

The item placement is pretty good. I have no complaints about it.

The bots ran pretty decent, considering they're bots, but the problem was that they didn't know how to get the MegaHealth, or one of the yellow armors. Other than that, they seemed good, though the Lightning Gun/MegaHealth room seemed to get a lot more traffic than anywhere else.

This is definitely a level to grab have, and something that will most likely stay on your harddrive for a long time.

Reviewed by W01f

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (16 votes)

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