by pjw
Guns by pjw

A heavy use of ydnar's urban texture set combined with an effective use of q3map2's skyportal functionality gives this a distinctly inner city vibe.

The map's realistic style in no way detracts from the excellent gameplay. The variety of atmosphere and texturing throughout make for a fairly gentle learning curve.

The street level consists of ledges, walkways and courtyard type areas, contrasting strongly with the below ground tunnels and passageways. There is plenty of detailing to be found too: smoke rising from the chimneys of the skyportal and the pipes down below, cans of Bud lie scattered on crates, and broken pavements mark the spawn points of various items.

The bot circulate well on the whole, though they can become a little obsessed with riding the platforms scattered throughout the level. There is even a custom bot included, a re-skinned Hunter called Valkyrie.

Because of the map's asymmetrical layout, CTF mode isn't so satisfying, but FFA and TDM make for some fun fragfests.

pjw recently got himself a gig at Raven. Playing this map, it's not hard to see why. Download like your life depended on it!

Reviewed by seremtan

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (30 votes)

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