Through the glass darkly
Through the glass darkly by dONKEY
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AEon Rep. 700
#6   20 Aug 2009
I love these very clean maps, where architecture, or unique geometry plays a central part. But... IMO, this should never be compromised for gameflow. Even though I really appreciate the cool designs, those weird patterns on the walls, much lighting that is too orange and slightly too dark, with several too cramped areas (i.e. the bridge), really "irritate" at times and spoil the fun playing against bots, alas.
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bluemonkey Rep. 30
#5   30 Jan 2006
Wow I was expecting a nice looking cell shaded level from the screen but this blows all other cell shaded levels I have played out of the water in my opinion because it has incredibly mastered lighting. It reminds me an awful lot of the lighting used in the first few levels of the game XIII. The testures have many geometric patterns but the designer has been clever and I only got lost a couple of times the first time I played it.

The architecture is beautiful and he has managed to cram a real variety of different areas to fight in. I was actually stunned when I came across the room with the RL, it has a real sense of scale to it. There are all these cool holes and jump pads too that are nice and big so it's easy to navigate. Visually I also really like the weapon spawns, they add a little touch of class.

Bots play it well, personally I would recomend a couple more than come as standard as with the default amount you can sometimes find yourself alone for awhile, but the bots do go everywhere in the map that's for sure. If anything I found the bots slightly hovered more near the plasma gun than the rocket launcher room.

When playing it I liked the way that whenever you spawn you are usually out of the way or it is easy to duck into cover. I particularly enjoyed fighting in the larger rooms too, nice sense of a grand battle.

Will definitely be checking out other maps by the author.

It's very special.

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dOOd unregistered
#4   29 Jan 2006
You're welcome.
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dONKEY unregistered
#3   03 Nov 2005
Why thank you dood!
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dOOd unregistered
#2   01 Nov 2005
THIS is the best map EVER. LOVE the cartoonish textures and layout, you'll just have to add some music to fully enjoy this map.
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J2KoOl63 unregistered
#1   17 Jul 2004
Well this is a different map. Weird textures that pop out at you. dONKEY has made a strange map that is different then most. Bots seem easy to me, and are mainly in the rocket launcher room. It is interesting but it is not my style of a map. 6/10
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